R&B bad boy Chris Brown is already in a world of trouble dealing with his own legal issues. Now, his newly formed modeling agency may have its own brush with the law. Brown’s Legendary Faces is being threatened with legal action because they are allegedly using a model’s photo to promote their company without paying the woman.

A model by the name of Stasiya Maria alleges she was invited by legendary Faces to do a test shoot on March 21st. The supposed test shoot turned out the a huge casting call for the company. Although she was confused as to what was really going on, she decided to play along with the modeling agency and pose for a few photos like the other potential models.

Stasiya Maria is pissed because she says she never signed a release for Legendary Faces to use her photos use they appear in two promotional videos that surfaced on Instagram. Maria has her lawyer firing off a letter demanding that the videos containing g her image be removed from the social media platform. If they aren’t Stasiya Maria plans to sue.



One thought on “Chris Brown’s Modeling Agency Already Facing Lawsuit

  1. Sharon Jones on said:

    Yeah, saw her on Inside Edition. She ain’t nobody famous or professional. She just want some quick money. Chris Brown is just easy target right now. She wrong.

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