Marie Claire met #BlackTwitter on Wednesday, after the magazine tweeted a picture of Kendall Jenner wearing her hair partially cornrowed and labeling the style as “bold” and “epic.”


The intense outrage came from the audacity of the magazine praising Kendall for a “new” hairstyle that she didn’t create. The color of her skin and her family’s affinity to the African American culture didn’t help the case at all.

As a result, #BlackTwitter quickly voiced their disgust with the magazine’s tweets, created hilarious meme’s, and created #EpicBraidLevels.

Seems as if the Marie Claire may need to diversify their writing team. Any woman of color on staff would know cornrows have been around for ages and that there is nothing “bold” or “epic” about them.

After much criticism from the black community, Marie Claire offered up an apology:

What do you think? Accidental racism or just a case of poor wording?

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11 thoughts on “#BlackTwitter Goes In On Marie Claire’s Tweets About Kendall Jenner and Cornrows

  1. Sierra on said:

    I have to agree that we as black women are making strides in term of self-image. But, we still have work to do! As a black woman who wears her own natural hair, I’m disappointed in the number of us sporting “other” folks hair. As if we’re fooling anyone! The texture and colors are so unbelievable. Yet, we have he audacity to get offended because a young white girl wears cornrows. MarieClaire shouldn’t of offered an apology. I bet white folks are sick of our double standards!

  2. Nope! They did the right thing. They should have got on their case because white people stay doing this stuff. Just like with Miley Cyrus, they swore twerking came from her. Since they have the upper hand in media they continuously display information that favors them, without any other care or concern. No whites did not make cornrows or hundreds of the other things they approbate, and it’s shouldn’t go silenced. We can’t allow people to take credit for EVERYTHING we do. I’m not saying start a revolt…… But I’m glad they caught this.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Kd, this is a very stupid and disgusting way of thinking especially with ALL of the black women who wear white women wigs and weaves. Especially blonde wigs and weaves, yet I don’t see white women going in on black women about this, and this is a look that NO black women has ever pulled off as believable!!!!! Except Tina Turner! I really don’t think black women HAVE anything that white women want, being that they have everything and pretty much are desired by all of the Men in the world!!!!! LMAO!!!!

      • They constantly approbate black culture, along with everyone else’s, and never give credit where it’s due so that is why it’s criticized. These women aren’t fools, they said the right thing. YES they did apologize but before that they really probably thought they did nothing wrong. And you’re silly to think white people want nothing black women got. Haha where have YOU been. The only thing black people want from them is their straight hair-which is something that needs to change in OUR community, so I honestly don’t care about white people not wearing Afros and what not. They don’t complain about when black women do it because they’re happy as hell they got everyone accepting to their beauty standards. So of course not.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Name me one thing that white women want that black women have. And please do not say, black men!

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Yet some of you black chicks run down to the Korean store to buy white folks hair! I call it a DRAW!!! Get over yourselves– you are bold to wear blonde weaves…

  4. IanRousseault on said:

    I think the black community have a LOT of serious issues to deal with, other than if some white/Armenian girl is wearing braids!!! I mean really who would really care. Do white women go in on black women wearing white women wigs and weaves??? Women who by no stretch of the imagination,, are pulling this look off. I haven’t seen ONE black woman that looks believable with long straight weaves or wigs, talk about an outrage! So I’m sure there are no black women out there who could possibly have the audacity to criticize other women on wearing a hairstyle that couldn’t possibly be theirs!!!!! LMFAO!!!!

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