april-fools-prankLet this be a lesson to all of you who love to pull Aril Fools’ Day pranks, don’t pull a prank that involves the police, dummy! A woman in Virginia was arrested for making a false report when she sent a text that there was a shooting on the college campus where she worked.

Angela Timmons sent a text to her daughter that gunshots had been heard at Virginia College. Timmons is an employee of the educational institution. Timmons’ daughter responded to the text, but when Angela Timmons didn’t say anything to her daughter’s response, her daughter got worried. Timmons’ daughter called 911.


Considering the severity of the potential situation, more than a dozen agents of the law rushed to the college campus. Once they arrived, they found no evidence of any crime and everything was moving as it should have been. That’s when Angela Timmons confessed to the ill-fated prank. Timmons later admitted that she has pulled pranks like this before.

We wonder how pissed off her daughter is.



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3 thoughts on “Woman Arrested For Terrible April Fools Prank

  1. Raquila Meadows on said:

    This actual took place in Spartanburg SC at the Virginia College. Follow goupstate.com for more details.

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