It looks like things are gonna work out for “Scandal” star Columbus Short who allegedly punched to some dude in a bar.

The victim is not inclined to press charges against Short, despite serious injuries to his head and back, all because of family ties … and he’s looking for a payday.

The victim’s lawyer says he’s been in contact with Columbus’ management to come to some sort of settlement without involving police. The victim has made it clear to investigators he doesn’t want the case pursued criminally.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

The reason … the lawyer tells us both men are tight with the same people — the alleged fight went down at a family member’s engagement party — so the victim wants to resolve this as amicably as possible.

If they end up settling, Short could end up paying a boatload in medical expenses — we’re told the victim suffered a facial fracture and a massive concussion from Short’s punch, as well as serious neck and back injuries.

As reported, Columbus turned himself in to police last week after a warrant was issued for his arrest. It’s possible the criminal case could go forward — but without the victim’s help, it’s very unlikely.

What do you think? Should Short be penalized for his actions? How much money do you think is fair considering the crime?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Columbus Short’s Victim Won’t Press Charges, Wants Something Else

  1. From Columbus interview this on TJMS he has a lot on his mind. The celeb seem to not care what comes out his mouth or how he come across to people. I really thought this young man had it together but we never know what going through someones mind.

  2. pac4me on said:

    No matter how much smack someone is talking, you shouldn’t bring yourself “down” to that level and resort to violence. When you’re in the public eye, you must learn how to handle whatever might just come up – – ijs, one day you might hit the wrong somebody and end up seriously hurt (career and personally)! Think before you react

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