The cat is out the bag! Tom Joyner and Porsha Williams made the announcement early this morning and it looks like there is a new relationship brewing.

The couple has kept their courtship under wraps…until now.

“It’s hard when you’re in the public eye and you have a brand new love…we just had to wait for the right day,” Porsha says.

So what do the two have in common? They’re both recently divorced, she just released a single and he plays newly released singles.

Talk about a match made in musical heaven.

Tom has agreed  to support Porsha in all of her business ventures, including moving the studio and the entire morning crew to be with her in Atlanta.

“I’m gone, I’ve flatlined,” she says referencing her new single, which is available on iTunes.

What’s  next for the new couple? Stay tuned to their Instagram accounts to find out more.


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(Photo Source: Rance Elgin)

53 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Tom And Porsha Make A Big Announcement

  1. Tyra on said:

    If it’s true she’s looking for security. And she never plana to work. If not, what a.publicity stunt.. on the way to.interviews and.books..Go Porsha you know.just how to pick them. If the.both of you are recently divorced. What’s wrong with this picture.

  2. joyce on said:

    If it is an April fools joke why make it at some ones else expence and not yours. The about might just be true.why not

  3. pac4me on said:

    The Tom & Porscha thing is an April Fool’s joke for real but his divorce from Donna is the truth. Really amazed that he was able to keep that little tidbit under the scope for so long. Tom must have threatened J Anthony (cause he can’t keep s—) –

  4. big O on said:

    Tom if this is true you need some green pills you know what I mean she is to much for you but do what you do!!!!##$$$!%

  5. Arian on said:

    There are a bunch of mean/judgemental individuals on here. If they’re together more power to them and if they’re not Happy April Fool’s. Realize that your hatred does not determine or change their lives.

  6. Denese on said:

    I didn’t know him and Donna the love of his life was divorced! I’m completely in the dark. Hope it’s an April fools joke.

  7. This better be an April Fool’s joke. Because she complains about older people and he’s older than NeNe and Gregg put together – ijs. Cute joke, though

  8. STAN on said:

    (HEAVEN)has noting2 do with (SIN)moveing2 atl close da door behine you bi.tom do.nt go broke paying her assult (BILL)

  9. Reggi on said:

    Wow what gullible people. If you actually thought they were getting married for real, please go smack yourself. Duh..

  10. jordan davis on said:

    i cant believe porsha hunni what wrong u u just had a divorce with cordell now u gettin with somebody else actually i wish good luck and anything else oh just hope that this one here dosent break yr heart like cordell did i just cant believe it

  11. Porsha we love you, work hard, god will bless whatever you do. Cordell did you so wrong and you have a great future ahead of you. Tom we love you too/ out of new Orleans Louisiana. I believe all will be well take care of porsha she need it.

  12. Joybeau on said:

    April Fools! I listened to the show this morning and it did not sound sincere. Plus, there were too many photos of C. Jordan all over Black America Web during the 2014 Fantastic Voyage cruise (as well as that unnamed guest in several photos with the celebrities)!

  13. redbone 1954 on said:

    I guess I was the last one to find out that Tom had actually quitely divorced Donna in 2012 WOW I did not know! How did Wendy Williams miss this? I had to go check it out and found out that Claudia Jordon was being called his jump off~!!!!! LOL they always talking about everone else’s business did I miss this?

  14. dtown on said:

    April fool!! Gotta be. If its true, she is REALLY a gold digger just like Evelyn Lozado. I thought Tom was kickin it with Claudia Jordan?

  15. deho50 on said:

    I believe this is a April’s Fool’s joke…If not, I can’t believe Tom is that much a FOOL…How very disappointing…

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