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 What a year the never aging Pharrell Williams  is having…and it’s only April!

Eben Gregory reports that it was announced via social media that producer/singer/rapper and all around “Happy” fly guy Pharrell will be taking over the Cee Lo Green chair on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice” next season.

Check out the announcement below!




To this Pharrell replied,



At this point we’re starting to think there really isn’t anything this guy can’t do….but if he ever gets hard up for ideas for his next big venture…we suggest anti-aging cream! We’d watch that infomercial…look at his gorgeous skin…observe how he barely has even a line or blemish on his face…and call quicker than you can say Nuwave Oven! But we digress!

Good job Pharrell…we wish you the very best of luck on the new gig sir!


What say you? Will you be watching Pharrell as he tries to help contestants “Get Lucky”?


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