“Dancing With the Stars” saw the loss of one of the most talked about contestants.

Billy Dee Williams announced he’d been leaving the show due to a back problem. “I’ve had a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, blast of a time,” said the actor, 76, adding that working with pro Emma Slater was “pure joy.”

No one was eliminated due to Williams’ withdrawal from the competition.

The “Star Wars” actor, despite receiving the lowest score from judges early on, managed to get enough viewer votes to survive the first part of the show.

You tell us, are you sad to see him go? Who do you think will win the Mirror Ball trophy?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)


6 thoughts on “Billy Dee Williams Walks Off Dancing With The Stars

  1. Marie McBridde on said:

    Heard he’s considering doing a new Star Wars; he was so stiff on DWTS, will he be able to move at age 77? Have a replacement in mind Dr. Kelvin Webb of Columbus, Ohio, looks like him and speaks in same voice. Check him out,

  2. Monisa Cole on said:

    Billy Dee is a man of class and a wonderful actor. It’s good when you can admit that some things are just not for you. Dancing with the Stars is a lot harder than it looks. You might think it will be easy until you actually try it. God bless him. He is a good actor and still looks handsome.

  3. stephanie on said:

    Love Billy D, however I hated to see him humiliate himself like that, he was terrible. I’m glad he bow out gracefully

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