A Georgia man was arrested after finding a boy showering with his daughter at home.

WXIA reports:

Athens-Clarke County Police arrested a 49-year-old man Tuesday on charges of battery and cruelty to children after they said he caught his daughter’s boyfriend in the shower with her.

Police responded to a call from Clinton Antonio Ward, who said he had caught teens inside his apartment.

When officers arrived, they spoke with Ward outside the apartment, then entered to talk to the teens. Ward’s 16-year-old stepdaughter was showering with her 16-year-old boyfriend when Ward came home.

Officer said Ward came home and sat on the couch. He said he heard his daughter talking in the bathroom, and initially thought she was on the phone. But once he heard a male’s voice, he said he listened closer to make certain she wasn’t just speaking to someone on speaker phone. He then sat back on the couch and waited for them to emerge from the bathroom.

According to the police report, when she came out of the shower, she saw Ward sitting on the couch in the living room. She said she knew she was in trouble. She was wearing a towel, while her boyfriend was nude.

Officers said Ward began cursing and yelling at the two of them. As the two retreated to the bedroom, Ward pushed his stepdaughter out of the way and went after the boy. As the boy tried to pick up his clothes and belongings, the police report said Ward pushed the boy up against the wall and punched him in the chest and face. The girl said she also had a red eye from being hit in the face.

Police said Ward left the room and called police.

The boy’s mother asked officers to press charges against Ward for his attack on her son.

Police arrested Ward and charged him with battery and cruelty to children, both for hitting the boy as well as for allowing his stepdaughter to witness him punching the boy.

Tell us, do you think the father went too far? What would you have done?

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(Photo Source: WXIA)

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38 thoughts on “Teen Beaten After Showering With Athens Man’s Daughter

  1. According to American Pediatrics, our kids listen to 40+ hours of music per week, the content for anyone listening to RAP is all about sex, violence, and drugs…all parties involved did exactly what their ears are hearing that they should do through the music “we” support, request, download, etc. every doggone day. Why are we surprised when people “do” what they constantly hear ?

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    Some black people deal with emotions like bitches (like when a girl keys a man’s car because he cheated on her…the two things do not correlate)- he did not need to punch that boy, but I do not feel he should be arrested either. This would have been an excellent teaching point for all involved.

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  4. NannaP on said:

    Being a parent of two teenagers I totally understand this man…..so many people say her father was wrong and maybe he was but so many young folks are so disrespectful now, the father may not have hit him maybe the boy was flip @ the lip. The young man’s parents should not have pressed charges b/c he shouldn’t have been in that man’s house.
    What if the girl was @ the boy’s mother house walking around naked…..would it be right for his mom to jump on her for being @ her house when no one was home or would she say nothing???

    • I said it. on said:

      That’s right. These kids think that they have the upper hand because adults uphold theme in wrong. The mom should be glad her son didn’t get shot.

      • The boy did not break in. He was an invited guest. If the charges stick and Big Daddy goes to jail, the kid will definitely have had the upper hand. Make that two upper hands if the parents sue for physical pain and suffering.

    • You know there are other alternatives to behaving like a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. It’s not an either or situation. There are a few dozen actions he could have taken between “beat him or “do nothing. SMH.

  5. cos seven on said:

    thats his house. thats his daughter. I dont condone his attack but i understand it. The boys parents ought to drop the charges. thats they ego. jail dont solve shit in the black community…. and if that 16 year old girl gets pregnant while her daddy is in jail is the court gonna feed the child or provide day care???


    • That’s why he should use his head and keep his big dumb ass out of jail. Hell, she’s running wild while he’s not in jail. Imagine the goings on when he’s locked up. Besides, Daddy Dumbass being locked up is not a requirement for getting pregnant. That can happen even when he’s home. Damned dummy.

      • I said it. on said:

        He’s the stepparent, but he’s taking all of the blame for the girl’s actions. Interesting.

      • I said it. on said:

        God, please forgive me in advance for replying to this undercover racist, but here goes….

        A few of the comments implied that he wasn’t raising her right, or living right in front of her and that is why she did what she did. He is a steps dad. The reader can’t know, based on the info. given, how long the man has been in the girls life. No one really wondered where the mom was. That’s not to imply that she is to blame. I’m sure both teens knew better, but thought they could get away with sneaking in the house and going so far as to take a full shower. Perhaps, next time they can do that at the boy’s mom’s place and see how she likes that. Maybe, you could loan out your place. You seem to sympathize with their right to certain liberties.

        Also, stop calling people out of their names you can think of wittier ways to get at someone.

  6. pac4me on said:

    I think all young ladies should not only show respect for themselves but for their parents as well and make your Boo show that same kind of respect. She had to know that step-dad or even mother might come home. The young man did not respect this fact or he wouldn’t have been in there period – taking a shower or not. Black Moses, you are right we all did stuff while we were young, but for the most part our parents didn’t know about it.

  7. These Parents typically do things in front of these kids that create poor morals….Then they are shocked when the little princess displays hoochie mama tendencies. Then daddy want to act like daddy and abuse this young man….when this young man is only doing what his daughter allowed him to do……This creep needs to go to jail for beating up this kid……

    • I said it. on said:

      Really? The man’s a creep? Not the step-daughter or the young man for using his place as a motel and being dumb enough to get caught. Both parents should have taught the children better. They probably did, but teenagers are extra hard headed.

  8. americanize. on said:

    I have two daughters. They were taught well, if an when u decide to have sex, NOT n ur parents home,only two people have sex n here. Ur mother an me.

  9. Nestor on said:

    I seriously don’t understand why you all are so violent. The boys’ parents and/or the cops should be called and he shouldn’t be allowed to leave until they get there. And then the kid should be told to never come back. The young lady let him into her home so she is ultimately responsible but yet the boys are always getting the worse of the punishment. This bothers me as a black man. And the killing of the kid in Texas is tragic and the men (in both cases) should be charged because the boys were allowed in the house. No, they shouldn’t have been in the homes. And yes these young people are making bad decisions everyday. You can’t go around beating people up. Especially if you’re an adult and the victim is a teenager. I’m glad I don’t have a black son. I feel like I need to protect him from young girls getting him in trouble, young boys/men are shooting at each other and these gun-toting right-wing nuts looking for a prey. This is very disturbing to me..

  10. stephanie on said:

    These kids have no respect for their parents or themselves. Rule # 1, NO SEX IN PARENTS HOME. As a teenager girl, even though I was sexually active, we all knew better than to brake the cardinal rule.

  11. Laurissia on said:

    A good father would have interrupted the shower event. Call the mother of the teen and dealt with his own youngster. Why listen? SOUNDS strange to me.

  12. Black Moses73 on said:

    Please people. We wonder why our kids are so violent. You mean to tell me none of you never did anything like this when you were young. The adult thing to do is call the child’s parents. No adult should be fighting a child.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      I am glad you said that Black Moses. Everyone here seems to think they were perect children. A whoile lot of kids, let me repesat that ( A WHOLE LOT OF KIDS) did this growing up, probably inclding some on this post if the truth be told. It seems manmy are just as bad as the Stand your Ground perpetrators we protest against. Yes, he was out of line but so was htis girl. Seems we only want to beat up the male children. Gee that sounds familiar. What is wrong with calling that boy’s parents?Nothing, except the fact it wont give us an excuse to use our aggression.

  13. Jack in Texas on said:

    Wow, why these parents of the boys want to press charges when their sons are trespassing. I would have done the same thing and dealt with my hot daughter if that was the case. Keep your sons at home and not at another man’s house where he ain’t paying the BILLS. It ain’t rocket since

  14. Thomas Sutton on said:

    Recently in Texas, a man was not charged for fatally shooting his daughter’s boyfriend when he found them in her bed. She had sneaked him into the house.

    This young and very disrespectful man in Georgia got away lucky! Personally I would have beat the guy like he stole something!

    • Your daughter brings a child into your home, presumable to have sex. Invites him in to shower with her. And your husband would beat the boy? Why? Because he broke in and raped your daughter? I swear, this is why our children are so prone to irrational violence. If you can’t figure how to use your head instead of your hands when dealing with children, then you’re really too stupid to have them.

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