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Dee Marshall is regarded “a Coach whose name shows up on the short list of top Coaches for women”. In a just a few years she went from being a credentialed Coach in private practice to a “renowned experts” for women says Essence Magazine. She has built a women’s empowerment empire that reaches over 40,000 women around the world.

For National Women’s Month, Nikki Woods talked to Dee about the importance of women supporting each other in business.

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7 thoughts on “Female Empowerment Forerunner Dee Marshall Encourages Women To Be, Do, Go!

  1. Melanie Brewster on said:

    Dee Marshall is a truly a game changer, a mentor and a life coach. Her work and her ministry have saved and changed my life several times over. Dee helps you hold that mirror up so that you can see who you truly are at the moment and then helps your get over the hump to move into who your are destined to be. She is a Big Gulp of accountability with a side of Love. I thank God for Dee C Marshall and Girlfriends Pray.

  2. Toni Jones on said:

    Dee Marshall has made I big impact in my life, her teaching is unstoppable! Encouraging women not to just follow their dreams, but to run after them. Giving women the tools to empower themselves. I thank God for this lady.

  3. Ms. Marshall is a true leader and she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is stern yet leads with a gentle, but guiding hand, telling you to be like Nike and “just do it”. Something in the way she speaks, I just “get it”, I understand what she says, and she gives you a plan to carry out her instructions. I wish I had her in my 20’s, but I am SO grateful to be under her teaching now going into my 40’s. She is unapologetic for her beauty, brains and confidence. She does not mind sharing ANYTHING she knows to help you reach the next level in your life…She is a true blessing to this universe of ours and I AM better because of God using her to reach out to other woman. I pray for her continued success as I continue to change my life for the better…

  4. Joyce E Sample on said:

    Thank you so very much for introducing the world to Dee Marshall. She is the essence if what she preaches ( sidebar.. She says she is not a preacher). She is a DOER. Whatever she touches gets done to the glory if God.Now, the world will know & benefit from this great gift. Great interview.

  5. LaShonda Jones on said:

    I have never met a woman quite like Dee Marshall. She is intelligent, firm, and direct. Additionally, she is giving, humble, loving and has an extraordinary desire to see women rise to the top. Her presence make you feel its OK to dream again and have the abundant life that God promised. God has placed something so sweetand special in Dee Marshall and she deposit it into myself and others daily. I’m better, more efficient, more effective, more committed and more determined because Dee Marshall entered into my life. If you want a total life makeover…..Dee Marshallis the one to call upon. Love you Dee Marshall.

  6. Loretta L. Mallory on said:

    Thank you for this interview! Dee Marshall is the “real deal!” Anytime you see a leader, a woman, Empowering other women to live Greater and go Higher and SUCCEEDING at it the way Dee does then you know that she MUST be operating under a higher authority.

  7. This woman is a true champion for women! Wherever Dee goes, success follows. If you are sleeping on her and her work, you are missing out on the ‘how’ to get to the next level. I thank God for Dee Marshall and for the connection to #Greatness.

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