Ever since “Saturday Night Live” hired comedienne Sasheer Zamata and two new Black writers, the comedy sketch show has been funnier than ever. And, last night’s episode was no exception.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Jeopardy,” SNL presented its own version of the iconic game show titled “Black Jeopardy!” The parody starred Darnell Hayes or “Alex Treblack” played by Kenan Thompson, and the week’s guest host comedian Louis C.K., who played an African-American studies professor named Mark.

Mark, who came on the game show expecting Black history questions, competed against Zamata and Jay Pharoah’s characters in categories like “It’s Been A Minute,” “Had That Been Me,” “White People,” and “Psssh.” Of course he struggled to guess clues like: “She think she cute.” The correct answer? “Who is Monique?”

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One thought on “SNL Does Hilarious ‘Black Jeopardy’ Skit & We Can’t Stop Laughing!

  1. Talented 10th on said:

    By hiring a black woman I don’t think we desired to be even further stereotyped by our own people. I think putting black ignorance on display like this does nothing for us and is not funny especially in the day of Pres. Obama. This is not the 1960s. We’re better than this black people. Let’s not celebrate this ignorance.

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