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When Nas dedicated an entire album, “Life Is Good,” to his ex-wife Kelis and the end of their almost seven-year marriage, we wondered aloud how she would respond. In interviews she was cordial, citing that her ex was “passionate,” but we knew that the woman who once screamed “I hate you so much right now” on a record would have some kind of musical response.

With her new album “Food” coming off the grill next month she has released a new video for the break-up ode, “Rumble.”  However, rather than being a middle-finger set to melody, it’s a more vulnerable and honest approach to break-ups where we all go back and forth about our feelings.

She sings, “We got so much history/I hurt you, you hurt me/No, we don’t need therapy/What I need is you here..” But comes to her senses and says, “I’m so glad you gave me back my keys…”

So we can’t say this is about Nas, but we can’t say that it isn’t either. Watch below:

“Food” will be released on 4/22 via Ninja Tune.

BTW, the whole chair in the middle of the lake reminds us of this scene from “The Iron Giant.”

Kelis Is Ready To “Rumble” In New Video was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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