ABC’s hit drama, “Scandal” has been giving up the drama lately. But  D.L. Hughley wants to know how Black women can love Olivia Pope, but hate side chicks. Listen to the hilarious discussion in the audio to hear what he had to say about the importance of having side chicks and how many women will be a side piece at some point in their life!


2 thoughts on “Why Do Black Women Hate Side Chicks, But Love Olivia Pope On “Scandal”?

  1. Deuce on said:

    I must state from the outset that I don’t watch nor have never watched SCANDAL. However, I am aware of the show itself. That being said, I’ll just comment on the “situation” rather than the actual show. I do realize that there are legions of devoted fans (almost cult-like in some cases). Personally, I find Kerry Washington to be very attractive ……..period. Nothing to do with the show, but just as a woman. She has the sexiest lips on this planet ………my goodness !!! Some wish to portray the likes of the Olivia Pope character as somehow elegant and seductive. In reality, such women are mere “booty calls” or “bed wenches”. No quality man would ever “wife” (marry) a woman like that. Yet, he’ll gladly “use” her sexually. Damaged goods for some other poor sucker!

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