Welp according to Radar OnlineReal Housewives Of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss made it clear that she has no plans to “Just Kick It” with her former Xscape groupmates in any sort of tour format or reunion specials anytime soon. (Saddening a lot of Xscape fans in the process..us included! Yeah we said it!)

Radar reports that on Sunday night’s “Watch What Happens Live“, Burruss told host Andy Cohen that Xscape will never, ever be getting back together because group member Tamika Scott has thrown nasty shade her way! She was joined on the show by her Xscape group member Tameka “Tiny” Cottle aka T.I.’s wife and they chopped it up about what went down! Take a look at Kandi’s reasoning for depriving us all from an Xscape reunion below!


Kandi…now come on girl…that was a million years ago..surely there has been some growth and maturity since then….basically what we’re saying is …what we need from you is UNDERSTANDING….cause…when we communicate…you don’t hear what we say!

Kandi your fans and the group fans need you to put it aside (you don’t have to forgive or let it go…but put it over there for a min!) because we miss the group and the amazing music that you guys made together. The reality is that your voice can’t be replaced within that dynamic. It’s YOU singing some of our most favorite parts miss!

You are a grown woman now…you are confident and strong so it’s not like it was when you were a teen and were feeling picked on. Now you’re a star in your own right…you don’t have to take no ish off of Tamika or anyone else anymore….so go in that booth and sing your face off…and bring the cameras with you for back up…but please give your fans what they need…cause they still got love for y’all on their minds!

Those who remember Xscape usually do so fondly. The girls were not scantily clad and they honestly didn’t have any gimmicks…they just SANG and WELL!

If SWV can do a reunion show…shoooot we’re sure Xscape would find success doing the same! (Hey Andy Cohen..we’re talking to you sir!)


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One thought on “RHOA Drama: Kandi Burruss Nixes Hopes For An Xscape Reunion [VIDEO]

  1. redbone 1954 on said:

    I think Kandi is right to not try and go back and re create somthing that was done a while ago sometime you just can’t go back. when people say mean and hurtful things about you yes you can forgive but forget not so much. And Kandi don’t need them it is obvious that they need her! Kandi is a very creative person and she peobably has a lot on her plate right now so I do understsnd her saying she won’t go back! I love Kandi!! She is all about her business and she is a great music writer!

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