Reading the commentary surrounding Kim and Kanye’s Vogue cover has been pure hilarity for entertainment purposes only. From the rumor that Kanye practically begged Vogue’s EIC, Anna Wintour to put Kim on the cover of fashion’s bible (a term I’d like to debate later), to James Franco’s photoshopped version of the power couple, to readers who finally canceled their subscriptions in protest–the buzz around this cover just won’t stop.

But the best response on whether or not the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple deserves a Vogue shout out comes from “The Original Supermodel,” Naomi Campbell. The 43-year-old recently appeared on Australia’s “The Morning Show” and perfectly summed up how most us of with better things to talk about this week would have said.

Watch it below:

YIKES! I think that uncontrollable laughter from Naomi might be the best part of this video. Talk about being caught off guard!



2 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell Throws Massive Shade At Kimye’s Vogue Cover [VIDEO]

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