Kenya Moore has stirred up the most drama since joining the cast of  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Most people can’t stand her personality and who she a appears to be on the show. But is she really as evil as she’s acts on TV? Listen to Gary’s Tea to hear if that’s the real Kenya or all for show.

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4 thoughts on “Is Kenya Moore As Evil As She Acts On “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”?

  1. Bad behavior magnified for increased tv viewership. The more controversy u bring, the more u r rewarded now. hmmm…What a concept. And hateful, angry words r plenty among bloggers. Too vile. Too much name calling all around. People have no respect for each other anymore. Very sad state of affairs.

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Jiggy5 cut the BS you’re an idiot! Kenya Moore does not speak for the entire race of black women single or not which is the same for your people, that is, who/whatever your nationality is…..however as an individual person YOUR’RE AN IDIOT!

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