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Talk show hostess Wendy Williams is gunning for the title of Queen of All Media. Not only is she hosting The Wendy Williams Show now in its fifth season, she’s hosting a “reality” show and has written a new book. Whew! The Tom Joyner Morning Show caught up with Wendy this morning to ask her about her new gigs. Here’s what she had to say.

TJMS: You’re doing another reality show that involves celebrities finding out what fans really think about them.

Wendy Williams: Yes, Celebrity Undercover on Oxygen. It’s uncovering what people actually think about celebrities when they don’t know that that celebrity is right there in the room. So last week, in the premiere episode, it was Kim Kardashian looking for an assistant and the shenanigans that ensued there. And then me, as an actual member of my studio audience to hear what people say. Tonight, it’s Ice T in one segment and his wife, Coko, in another.

The makeup has been pretty amazing so far.

The makeup artistry is really about that in order to fool unsuspecting fans. Li’l Kim is part of it, Fantasia, Joey Fatone. It was a lot of fun to do and I’m one of the executive producers on it. It’s another project. What did you find out from what your fans said about you? They said things I already knew. I can’t dance, I can’t sing. I talk too much. Duh.

You have a new book coming out soon.

The book comes out April 15. It’s called Hold Me In Contempt. It’s my seventh book, it’s a novel and it’s a lot of fun to write. The main character is an attorney. On the outside she’s very put together but inside, the way she conducts herself in life, she’s got a lot of problems and issues.

We loved that your title suggestions came via social media.

I love to bring my social media friends into whatever I’m doing. It keeps us all connected. Once I described the book to them, they started suggesting titles. She gets involved with this white boy and he comes from the other side of the tracks. He’s all wrong on every level but you know it’s a cautionary tale that a lot of times women cannot resist that bad boy.

You’ve got a hand in a lot of projects. And you have a partnership with [former Motown executive turned film producer] Suzanne DePasse.

The talk show and it’s great and I love doing it. We’re in our fifth season and we’re renewed through 2017-18. But I always have to keep my eyes on beyond the talk show. How am I going to make money? We’ve got a big announcement to make later this year.

Celebrity Undercover airs on Oxygen on Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m.

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