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Cynthia Williams is suing her Doctor for a pregnancy she didn’t expect or want. While it may seem harsh and a tad strange, 44 year old Williams’ and her husband are “livid” that they are now the parents of a sick, four year old toddler — especially since her Doctor’s only task was to make sure her tubes were tied.

Both parents carry the sickle cell trait and after two kids born with the trait too, the couple decided against having anymore children. After using the rhythm method of  birth control imagine their surprise when they found out they’d be parents for a third time. Originally upset, relief quickly set in when it was discovered that their baby was only a carrier of the deadly disease.

Soon after, Williams’ decided to get her tubes tied since the pill caused high blood pressure. She had the sterilization surgery in December 2008. But six months later, she was staring at the blue line on a pregnancy test in disbelief.

How could this happen? Especially considering the tube tethering her only ovary (she lost her right ovary to a cyst when she was 12) to her womb had been tied?

Her fourth child was born in February 2010 with sickle cell disease.

Now the Williams’ are suing Dr.  Byron Rosner of Reproductive Health Associates, for wrongful pregnancy, claiming that he failed to perform an adequate or appropriate tubal ligation, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy and the birth of a sick child, according to the lawsuit.

ABC News reports:

Without a right ovary, Williams only needed her left Fallopian tube tied. But Rosner “tied,” “excised” and “cauterized” Williams’ right tube, according to medical records.

Do you think the parents have a right to sue? Was their decision to get a tubal ligation procedure selfish or smart? What would you have done?

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(Photo Source: ABC News)

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4 thoughts on “Woman Sues Doctor For ‘Wrongful Pregnancy’

  1. Well, I guess the mother should just drop her lawsuit then, because it was obviously God and not potentially malpractice that led to this unwanted pregnancy. Lateresa, you should look this Dr. Rosner up and provide him with some defense counsel–I mean this whole mess can’t possibly be his responsibility if an omnipotent being from on high stepped in and worked its magic…. What’s a poor, highly-payed, licensed physician to do? *eye roll and barely suppressed laughter*

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