According to Radar Online, Apollo Nida must need some help with those legal bills because he’s reportedly been all over Twitter  telling his fans that they need to get the “Phine Body Apollo Autograph Card” with his photo and signature from his website for “Only $6.99″ (plus shipping and handling).

Radar reports that on March 13, he was literally giving them away with any purchase from his fitness site.

This has got to be…one of the most random stories we’ve heard in a while!

Nida’s wife Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is on currently out on the road on a book tour. Everybody knows…that once you write a book you have to go out and promote it. “Secrets of a Southern Belle” was released in the Fall of 2013 but we’re guessing that maybe Phaedra’s new baby or her RHOA shooting schedule may have kept her from going on tour immediately.

Radar further reports that Nida and Parks haven’t been photographed together since November BUT we saw Nida with the other gents from RHOA on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” just before he was arrested for bank fraud and identity theft and Phaedra was in the audience….so we’re not giving that any credence!

At any rate, we don’t know who’s idea it was for Apollo to hawk his signature like that…but it comes across like he’s scraping the very bottom of the barrell! We’d second guess doing that Apollo…just sayin.


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