Wow! That was quick! According to Radar Online, Apollo Nida is already working on a plea deal to get himself out of the mess that he is currently in with the FEDS over allegations of bank fraud and identity theft.  As we previously reported, Nida was arrested on January 24.

According to Radar, on February 14 the court granted a motion to continue the pre-trial proceedings until March 25. Court documents reveal that during the period of time since then Apollo’s  attorneys and counsel for the government have been engaged in discussions.

The court documents show that,

“They are still in the process of investigating additional facts and negotiating a resolution and have made substantial progress toward a resolution of this case.”

Because of this the court agreed to give both sides in the case until April 25th to resolve the matter to all parties satisfaction and in the hopes that Nida will be able to come to a deal with the government.

Say Apollo’s attorneys,

“The new extension ensures he will have sufficient time to consult with his counsel, investigate all facts material to resolving this matter, and continue said discussions with the government.”

Is it just us…or does it sound like Apollo might end up skating on up out of this mess? Guess like with most everything else…we’ll just have to wait and see!


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