Many women search incessantly for ways to lift and firm their breasts in a natural way, and I’m here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE without taking drug enhancers or getting augmentations. Here are some tips on how to keep your breasts firm and full to defy gravity throughout the years.

Wear The Right Size Bra

Your breasts should be treated just like your feet when it comes to shoes. You can’t walk around in shoes that are too small for your feet because they would hurt and eventually cause other medical issues, so why squeeze your breasts into a bra that is ill-fitting? Wearing the wrong bra size can cause poor posture, back pain and even damage to breast tissue. My advice to you is to get your bra size measured by a professional. Ladies, I know Victoria’s Secret claims to be the #1 leader in bra fitting, but if you are beyond a 36DD, VS will send you off on your bra size. Trust me, my twin sister wears a HH and they get her size wrong every time.  My advice to you is to go and get measured by the bra fit specialists at INTIMACY for your true bra size. You can find the Intimacy nearest here.

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