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I ask because not so long ago, had I said a celebrity had been kicked out of rehab again and had to report back to jail, the first person you’d think I was talking about was Lindsay Lohan.

Why?— In and out of rehab, jail, fights, nightclub scuffles, odd pictures on the internet, and so on and so on and so on. That was her m-o for years. Now, when I mention those things more than likely I’m talking about Chris Brown.

I by no means mean to pile it on when it comes to Chris Brown, but here’s the background, which reads like a Lohan bio.

The singer was kicked out of rehab just a few days ago for “undisclosed reasons.” Gossip website TMZ, is reporting that he was having inappropriate relationships or relations with some of the women at the facility. This is his third time in jail. The first was when he was arrested for beating Rihanna in February 2009. Next was his arrest in DC last October. He spent the night behind bars. He has been in rehab twice. He voluntarily entered a day after his release from jail in DC. He was kicked out a week later for smashing his mom’s car window with a rock during a family counseling session. The judge then revoked his probation in November and ordered Chris to enter anger management and drug rehab instead of jail. Now he’s been kicked out and the judge has denied his request to be taken out of police custody and placed in another program.

Unless something unprecedented happens, he’ll have to remain in custody, meaning jail, until his next scheduled hearing on April 23rd. The District Attorney on the case said Brown has received numerous chances and did not believe another rehab program should be considered.

Obviously the judge agreed.

In other words, he’s running out of chances. The question is, how many does he need? It’s no different than what we all pondered about Lindsay Lohan. And my advice to Brown is exactly the same as Oprah’s to Lohan. Chris, you still have your whole life and career ahead of you- for now- if you get it together.

Want to keep it?

Cut the bull!


9 thoughts on “Is Chris Brown Becoming the Lindsay Lohan of Hip Hop?

  1. Ivan Cohen on said:

    One would have this sort of thing went out of style with the previous century. Equating a black celebrity to a non-black one because the white folks don’t know him or her. I have heard Malcolm X be referred to as a black Billy Graham. Chris Brown is Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan is Lindsay Lohan. A person would have to be on life support not to be able to tell the difference between the two. Maybe Don Lemon might be “that person.”

  2. stanely21 on said:

    I don’t get the comparison here. Lindsay Lohan is a mess, but she isn’t beating the crap out of people and acting like its their fault. This is what they mean by misplaying the race card. Come on Black people!

  3. iann11 on said:

    I’m sooooooo HAPPY to see that FINALLY a Judge had some balls to put this piece of S___ in jail, where he belongs! If you can’t act like a respectable young man and not beat women, not throw chairs from windows, not fight in a nightclub where you could’ve killed patrons, not throw rocks at your Mother’s car, etc, etc, etc, and then claim some BULL____ about you having PTSB syndrome and think that rational thinking people are going to fall for this Crap! No, that’s not going to happen. There really shouldn’t be a need for another trail, just send him away permanently, so the public will Never Ever has to hear from this Thug Out Loser!!!!!!!!!!

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