My Black Is Beautiful (MBIB), a community of Black women who celebrate everything that makes them beautiful, is launching a 30-day “Beauty in Action” challenge that kicked off on March 10. As a part of the campaign, every Sunday, we will share a message of inspiration with you from Transformational Life Coach & CEO of Motivating The Masses, Lisa Nichols.

Today’s message is–create your own unique definition of what beauty is to you. And live that definition everyday. This is a challenge, so at times it will feel awkward, or even uncomfortable. That’s what you want. If you were doing and being the same way you were yesterday, nothing would change. The point of this challenge is to change the way you look at yourself and create, “Beauty in Action.”

“Beauty in Action” is an amazing campaign that encourages and celebrates the efforts of young Black girls who put their beauty into action to benefit their community. Use #BIAJourney on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show us YOUR “Beauty in Action” by uploading a 30-90 second video that focuses on a different “Beauty in Action” challenge each day. This is a challenge, yes, but it literally gives you a minute, to a minute and a half to focus on your own beauty, everyday. There’s nothing more beautiful than that!

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