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Najah Lorde is a 12-year-old Girl Scout who is basically a boss. She sold 2,833 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, becoming the top seller in all five of New York City’s bustling boroughs. Last year, Lorde sold a whopping 1,111 boxes of cookies, but was determined to go head-to-head with fellow cookie selling queen, 11-year-old Olivia Cranshaw, who sold more than 1,800 boxes last year.

“I didn’t do anything differently from last year. I was just more determined,” Lorde explained. And her determination paid off because Lorde outsold the competition. Cranshaw came in a close second with 2,141 boxes. So how did Lorde do it? She drove her mom and dad, Deanne and Donovan Lorde crazy as she went through their phones, calling relatives and their friends, asking them to buy and help sell. She sold in her neighborhood, at church and more in order to make her goal. Lorde also received an outpouring of support after the Daily News featured an article on she and Cranshaw’s friendly competition to sell the most cookies.

How adorable! Lorde’s story is uplifting and proves that determination is powerful. What would the world be like if more people were as determined as Lorde. Lorde’s father laughed and said, “She really put in a lot of work. She drove her mother and myself crazy, but we’re very proud.”

Get it Najah!

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