HOUSTON (AP) – Investigators say they’ll let a grand jury decide what to do with a Houston-area man who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy he found with his 16-year-old daughter in the girl’s bedroom.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit is investigating the shooting at the house in a normally quiet subdivision near Spring, about 23 miles north of Houston.

Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Mark Herman says the 55-year-old homeowner heard noises coming from his daughter’s bedroom about 2:30 a.m. Thursday and went to investigate. He found the boy with his daughter and shot him in the ensuing altercation.

Investigators said the daughter, at first, denied knowing the boy. However, sheriff’s Sgt. Ben Beall says the daughter apparently knew the boy, but it was unclear if her father knew him.

20 thoughts on “Father Fatally Shoots Boy Found in Daughter’s Room

  1. ANGEL on said:


  2. Lachell A on said:

    He may be in the wrong state…in Florida if you kill a black male child you become a free celebrity but in Texas they may crucify him.

  3. So 17 yo Roscoe thinking with his d^ck and only about getting it wet, got way more than he bargained for. Not to mention the hot azz brainless daughter on her way to a career as a “professional baby mama” I’m sure Roscoe working at (burger world) couldn’t support the child he’d be making but that’s a moot point now

  4. Candice on said:

    folks speculating stuff and blaming that dad is foolish! Say what you want, but let me hear a noise at 2:30am and Im coming out guns ablazing too! NOW!

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Candace. Your point is well taken. I would take a word of caution however if you dont mind seeing another perspecitve. This olmpic athlete Pistorius is on trial for his life for exactly what you are suggesting. He shot his fiance right thru the door after hearing as you say “noise at 2:30AM. and he did go guns blazing. In additon, when this father came in the room his daughter was in the bed and he saw her First. It was only after her boyfriend revealed himself that he started to shoot. You may still feel right ( and Im not disagreeing with you. I do think though there is more to it than what your recommendation suggests.

      • Molon Labe on said:

        Timekeeper- No – That is what Pistorius says happened when he killed her when she told him she was leaving him. There is NO evidence that supports his version, There are tons of forensic and other evidence that proves what he did, including neighbors that heard the version that supports his guilt. You get caught in bed with a 16 year old Daughter in a man’s house at 2:30 am you playing with fire. Find me a jury that will convict a Father for reacting the way he did. It is tragic that his Johran’s Father did not teach him better.

  5. A weapon wasn’t necessary. He should have called that boys parents and sent him home. He should have been checking his daughter for disrespecting his house. He was in her bed because she invited him. He respected his people enough not to take her to his bedroom in the middle of the night. Now they have to bury him.

    • Yet another example of letting your dick decide your future. Sneaking into a man’s home to screw his daughter? Really? The biggest no-no in the book of dumbass things to do. Hope the snatch was worth it. Perhaps if he had been older – oh, wait! Grown ass men have been known to get a larger portion of their asses blown off pulling that same mess. If this man is charged, his hot tail daughter should be charged right along with him. She man very well have cost this young man his life by lying about not knowing who he was. Feel really sorry for his mother and hope God gives he strength to deal with the loss of her baby.

      • “She MAY very well have cost this young man his life”. “And hope God gives HER strength to deal with the loss of her baby”. Sorry about the typos always afraid to check my posts on this site because of the hair trigger refresh.

      • Guest on said:

        Serves him right. He shouldn’t have been in there. It should happen to all these idiots with p^$$y and d!<k on the brain so much that they disrespect and/or cause problems for others. Condolences to his family however. It's a crappy situation. And yes that hot a$$, lying heifer of a daughter should be stoned.

  6. Timekeeeper on said:

    This Dad knew exactly what he was doing. e simply killed that boy ’cause he didnt like the idea that he was with his daughter. All he had to do was tell that young man to leave his house and then deal with his own daughter. He may get away with it but it is definately murder.

  7. how in the hell did the boy get in 2 her bedroom oh yell she let him in thru the window in her bedroom daddy hard a noise going on went 2 check it out @ found them making out how long has this being going on behind close doors at her parents homes neighbors say they just moved in 2 that house it didn’t take her lone 2 fine someone [there is an saying new catch at school @ neighbor hood lets see who will hit first] he did but cost him his life how many more has the girl been with now that is the question ask her if she tells

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