Bill O’ Reilly recently criticized Beyonce‘s “Partition” video for “glorifying sex in the back of limo.” D.L. Hughley goes in on O’Reilly in this exclusive Grab Bag for having the audacity to judge Beyonce for showing her sexuality towards her husband and not women like teenage mother, Bristol Palin. Did Lifetime not “glorify” teenage pregnancy when they gave her a reality show? Listen to the audio player to hear everything D.L. had to say that might cause Bill O’Reilly to bite his tongue!


12 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Blasts Bill O’Reilly For Criticizing Beyonce’s “Partition” Video [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. ckal on said:

    I agree with you Brown. Beyonce lyrics are so vulgar and she’s so sleazy.
    Thanks, Bill O. for calling it what it is.

  2. Brown on said:

    Bill is right. I would not let my children watch Beyonce. Her trashy act and vulgar words are NOT a inspiration to young girls. Don’t sugar coat he slutty image. Parents today are so ignorant.

    • Judgement day!! on said:

      It’s just a video. It’s no different than some of the soap opera and tv shows you watch. I tell you what you better teach your kids to be like beyonce. She’s a hard working talented beautiful happily married woman and an excellent mother and she’s rich. Who wouldn’t want there kids to look up to her. She’s a grown ass woman that got all of her priorities in order and on point. Career, marriage and then family. You are the ignorant one. Who would your kids rather be like, you or beyonce? Definitely not you!

  3. Ashley on said:

    She’s a human being like everyone else with thoughts and emotions who is expressing herself through her music. I get that alot of girl’s look up to her but at some point you have to realize that she is an adult not a fucking child. I don’t get why everyone is upset about a grown woman having sex with her HUSBAND…stop being so uptight. If you dont like her music then stop listening to it and as far as parents constantly complaining, realize that your child will come in contant with inappropriate things everywhere. No matter how conservative or strict you may be.Sorry to say it, but thats the world we live in. That’s why it is the parent’s job to teach their child right from wrong and that the choices you make has consequences.

  4. This butler of bilge Bil O’Reilly cherry picks the facts to fit his view of the truth–which ususally is not true. In the first place he shook hands with Snoop at Kennedy Center honors. He could have taken time to have a chat with him about his well-known community work in Long Beach. he has been very successful with his football team focusing on the city kids and their well-being. He could have taken time to listen to Snoop talk to Larry King about family and responsibility. But no, Bill continually focuses on Beyonce and Jay-Z, bashing them every evening. His obsession with Beyonce every night is becomming embarrassing. At this point some one at fox should have a chat with him becaue he is just embarrassing himself. Right, Bill, men like beautiful women, even you–just admit it but it is time to move on to a new subject. If he really wants to be relevant he could haveSnoop on his show and actually listen ton what he says. Besides all of that wouldn’t Snoop know more about inner city kids than Bill.

  5. iann11 on said:

    I so agree with Bill O’Reilly on this issue, beyonce is a THUG and a SLUT, for putting herself out there like that!!!! What is wrong with this tramp? Who raised this young creature to behave like that? If my children ever listen to her music I would straight out disown them!!!!!!

    • Judgement day!! on said:

      You and your kids have front row seats in front of your tv to watch her. Your problem is you wish you was her. You’re ugly and fat as hell and your husband don’t want you. He wish you was beyonce now ask him….before you open your ignorant mouth you should know what a thug and slut is. You’re the slut in this town

      • IanRousseault on said:

        LMFAO!!!! Judgement day!! You really need to get some mental help!!!!! LMFAO!!!

  6. I stopped watching O’Reilly’s show a long time ago, and usually don’t click on stories about him because he’s full of it. O’Reilly’s just trying to stay relevant, and chimes in on most main stream issues just to get a rise out of people. When you have a talk show 5 days a week; you have to come up with something to talk about 5 days a week. Nothing more; nothing less. If someone paid me the MILLIONS O’Reilly makes…..I’d talk smack too!

  7. This has nothing to do with Bristol Palin. Her actions don’t excuse Beyonce’s. We don’t need to know what Beyonce does in the bedroom with her husband. They should have more respect for themselves.

    • Renee: While I get your point on what a husband, and wife does should be kept private; DL’s bigger point is that we don’t recall O’Reilly ranting, and raving about Bristol’s teen pregnancy. It’s a double standard when it comes to this particular situation. If O’Reilly called Bristol out; where’s the video. Plus she had a reality show OBVIOUSLY for the money. I don’t know about you; but I saw through all of the Palins including Sarah…..from day one.

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