Naomi Campbell led the United Nations’ march to end violence against women in style, literally.

The supermodel wore heels as she guided over 600 supporters in the march, held each year in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Before the group hit the steers of Manhattan, Campbell addressed the UN Women For Peace committee at the international organization’s headquarters. “I love strong women and I surround myself with strong women and immediately in here I feel all this energy, it’s fantastic,” the 43-year-old said, holding back tears. “I think the more you join forces, the stronger you feel. I’m very happy to be here.”

“I think [women] are so strong and sometimes stronger than we know,” she added. “Sometimes there’s things we think we can’t get through, but we’re able to cope.”

And know one would know this better than Campbell. “I’m wearing my heels, come what may,” she told InStyle of her marching attire.

Other powerful women who joined forces for the cause included Cindy McCain, Kelly Rutherford, Trudy Styler, Ban Soon-Taek, Kim Cattrall, Muna Rihani Al Nasser and Nassir Al-Nasser.

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