You can ask any person who’s ever been in a group–conflict is bound to happen when you have different personalities all trying to get their point across. There have been reports of that type of friction in the R&B supergroup TGT. After a very last minute cancellation of a performance on Arsenio Hall‘s late night talk show, people are speculating if the group has run its course.

Fans first noticed some kind of tension between the group members when Tyrese and Tank showed up at the Soul Train Awards without Ginuwine and when asked of his whereabouts, Tyrese said he was having light skinned issues. Ginuwine didn’t take the dig too kindly and tweeted his frustration, but quickly deleted the tweets. Then, Ginuwine and Tank started their tour in December without Tyrese.

Things came to a head when the group was scheduled to perform on “Arsenio.” They cancelled at the very last minute which left Arsenio Hall hung out to dry with no musical guest. Things got really awkward because the group requested a female only audience. Witness say Arsenio was so angry he told the audience that TGT weren’t getting along and that was the reason they were no shows. As if that weren’t enough, Tank is now on the road by himself opening up for Jamie Foxx.

So much for that second album.


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