Ray Jasper (pictured), a Death Row inmate in Texas scheduled for execution in two weeks, has written a lengthy letter from prison where he blasts the justice system and the specter of racial disparity. Jasper, who was a young rap artist at the time, was accused of the brutal robbing and killing of a recording studio owner in 1998. Convicted in 2000 and later sentenced to death, Jasper has used a platform provided to him in where he lashes out at the prison system, likening it to slavery.

Gawker Media began a Letters From Death Row series in 2012, in which Jasper previously participated. In his latest letter, Jasper writes a lengthy diatribe where he expresses a variety of thoughts about the industrial nature of prison, the imbalance of justice for African Americans and other thoughts. Also striking is that Jasper, 33, has become an eloquent writer behind bars and uses this letter as his final manifesto.

From Gawker:

Without any questions, you’ve given me a blank canvas. I’ll only address what’s on my heart. Next month, the State of Texas has resolved to kill me like some kind of rabid dog, so indirectly, I guess my intention is to use this as some type of platform because this could be my final statement on earth.

I think ‘empathy’ is one of the most powerful words in this world that is expressed in all cultures. This is my underlining theme. I do not own a dictionary, so I can’t give you the Oxford or Webster definition of the word, but in my own words, empathy means ‘putting the shoe on the other foot.’

Jasper’s words are gripping in their frankness and almost somber tone of a man defeated by the weight of his circumstances. One of Jasper’s most scathing lines is his comparison of prisoners being treated like slaves under the U.S. Constitution.

“We look at slavery like its a thing of the past, but you can go to any penitentiary in this nation and you will see slavery,” he writes.

Jasper is scheduled to be put to death on March 19.


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6 thoughts on “Texas Death Row Inmate Pens Letter Comparing Prison to Slavery

  1. I’m against the death penalty because of its tendency to be applied far more frequently to African American males. I read Jasper’s entire manifesto and agreed with many of his points. I was particularly curious about his statement that he didn’t “kill the victim” but an accomplice who admitted to the killing did. By then I realized that he had not expressed any remorse for his role in the slaying. Then I decided to read about the actual circumstances surrounding the slaying: I read the transcripts of the trial and the appeal, I read the police reports, and I read his words during that period. THIS MURDERER DOES NOT DESERVE OUR SYMPATHY! He’s a well versed con-man. Go read ALL the information for yourself.

    Below are the abbreviated undisputed facts of the case:

    He rented a music studio from his friend to record a rap record with express purpose of robbing and killing the friend. How do I know? He told his girlfriend in advance what he was going to do. He was recording his record then decided it was time to kill the man. Jasper FIRST cut the man’s throat from ear to ear, but his friend didn’t die fast enough so he and his accomplice stabbed the man over 20 times. They then stole the music equipment from the studio. They got caught as they went back for more equipment.

    While he makes excellent points regarding the justice system, education, Black pride etc., those are just smoke screens. He’s smart enough to realize you’ll focus on those points while overlooking his actual crime. Gawker, Huffington Post and The Root have all fallen for the okie doke. Don’t believe the hype. He is NOT a martyr. There are other Black men who are true innocent victims of the system who deserve and need our passion and support.

    Ray Jasper is NOT one of them.

  2. jhuf on said:

    Poor innocent Jasper!! Railroaded onto death row (kind of like that music label)
    By the MAN, I’ll bet you were at vacation bible school at the time this trump-up crime was committed
    Weren’t you? they tore you away from your family and friends to toile away days, years in a cell
    By god lets give him a pardon, set him free, not only that but I demand THE MAN give him $10 million for his years of servitude, so he can live out a long life penning such literary verses.

  3. Braveman on said:

    Isn’t it humorous (in a black-hearted sort of way), how the “Left” and the “Liberals” (ie. Demon-rats) always seem to side with the “CRIMINALS” of society instead of the “INNOCENT” citizens who are killed by pieces of S— like this “rapper”. This piece of crap should have been turned into worm food years ago.

  4. Jiggy5 on said:

    How about some empathy for the studio owner he murdered in cold blood? An aspiring rap artist….Nicca please.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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