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In a rare television appearance, the incomparable Prince took over The Arsenio Hall Show kicking the show off with a debut performance of FUNKNROLL, a track off his upcoming album.

The pop icon took a moment to answer questions from Arsenio’s audience, revealing his biggest pet peeve and what got his blood boiling at a recent Oscar party.

Prince also performed his classic hit, “She’s Always in My Hair,” and debuted a new cut of “Mutiny” with the help of a 30-piece band that included 3RDEYEGIRL and The New Power Generation.

“The Mutiny”

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5 thoughts on “Prince Takes Over The Arsenio Hall Show [WATCH]

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    well at least there was a band (intrumentals). I wish prince had doneone of his oold songs or does he still own his songs since he broke off his contract with the music industry. May he rise back up to the top again some day.

  2. Sunshine on said:

    Ps for all those who dwn other cause the have a dry spell shit the fick up.. Cause your ass never did sht for the world.. Atleast ther music stay n the heart for ever.. Sht my fav song is Barbrs strisand n Barry Gibbs guilty.. Music that’s sooths the soul.. Can you do tht ..!! Hell no, so shut up

  3. Sunshine on said:

    Prince was one of the greatest n will always be that to me.. The new generation can’t compear.
    There so gay for fame now.. That f up the whole game.. Dnt support the new generation cause they promote the devil just like the white man said thts devil music. It’s being aloud because it’s killing all the blcks..!! These young blck men will go gay for fame look at meek mills wearing skinny leg jeans like a bitch…
    I use to see him when he was dirty riding his bike dwn 18 n berk where my father is from..
    Just a dirty bum they made rich.. He dnt have no fucking history on music, like prince or other professionals.. I’ll never respect any under cover brother. Fucking men then coming home to a wmn ..!! Smfh prince I’m glad the world seem to hve gave u a standing ovation.. I deserve it plus work for your. In like meek mills who fuck for his fame. Hell b kissing a man soon just like puffy, Rick Ross , will smith n his children.. I took one look at willow n said damm.. I knew she was gay. I spreaded the first rumor as soon as I saw her on tv. We’re not blind. Lets go bck to the 70 it was peaceful even thou it was a depression for most

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    My man has straight fallen off. The sign: doing crabass shows like Arsenio (who has fallen off himself) and that New Girl tv show….and having pop-style dancers in his show…; so sad.

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