Matthew Knowles’ Child Support Payments Slashed


We can officially file Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles in the “ain’t sh*t” pile.

After cheating on Mama Tina and fathering a child, Nixon (who he does not claim or see), outside of their marriage with Alexsandra Wright, a judge ordered in his favor to lower his child support payments to $2,485 a month. Matthew claimed his yearly earnings dropped from $3 million a year after Beyonce fired him in 2011 to $127K in 2013. But of course he is a man of luxury and his expenses total around $51,000 a month.


“Friends and family are growing increasingly worried about the damage being done to Nixon by his biological father denying his existence and allowing the public to bash his mother. Alexsandra just wants the truth to come out…and the only way that this will happen is if Mathew Knowles is held accountable for his actions and his child like every other citizen in this country,” said Alexsandra Wright, Nixon’s mother during an interview with Inside Edition.

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