03/05/14- Today’s “Christmas Wish” winner is Khalil from Alcorn State University!


One thought on “WEDNESDAY CHRISTMAS WISH: Khalil from Alcorn State University

  1. cassandra vaughn on said:

    Wow…we never know the extent of the trials of those in our midst. When a friend alerted me to a kid at Alcorn that was on the wish list– he at first, thought the story was really out there– and if I’d heard it, I asked him then if the kids name was Khalil. Khalil was a past student of mine at Alcorn. I heard parts of his story when I saw him in the hallway and did the normal, “How ya doing?” and he casually remarked that his mother had died. After offering my condolences, he said that his trailer had burned down and his car too on the same day while at the wake…I remember telling him then, “Baby, you’ve been through some stuff!” And he has and more. Thank you for the recognition of this fine and humble young man. I do hope his adversities will make him stronger.

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