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9-year-old Asean Jackson has had it up to here with Chicago politicians. He lets them know in an impassioned speech to protest school closures in Chicago. The Chicago public school district shut down 49 schools most in minority districts last year, forcing children to go to unfamiliar schools in different neighborhoods. Although the idea was to send children from underperforming schools to higher-performing ones, resistance has been high and results have thus far been mixed. This is where children like Jackson come in, who are the ones most affected. In a passionate speech during a protest, Jackson makes his feelings known.

It’s all a promo for an upcoming CNN documentary show called “Chicagoland,” executive produced by Robert Redford, which premieres on March 6 at 10 p.m over eight episodes. It’s a look inside the troubled term of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who went from the White House chief of staff to Chicago’s mayor. During his tenure, he’s faced increasing violence in Chicago’s streets and the protests around school shutdowns.

Common, Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas and our own Mellody Hobson make appearances on the show.

Watch the clip here and go here for more about Chicagoland.

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