The more Nas seems to change, the more his baby mama Carmen Bryan stays the same. Nas’ first baby mama is back to bemoaning the fact Nas doesn’t take care of his children. According to Bryan, the legendary New York rapper owes her more than $11,000 in back child support.

Bryan recently filed court documents alleging Nas, real name Nasir Jones, hasn’t paid child support for his 19-year-old daughter Destiny. You may remember Destiny for being the subject of Nas’ hit song “Daughters.” Destiny’s mother says Nas owes around $11,000 in child support. Nas is so far behind with the child support Bryan wants him thrown in jail.

Carmen Bryan calls Nas a “repeat criminal non-supporter” and claims he is messing up his daughter’s life by refusing to pay her college tuition and medical bills. Due to this, Bryan believes Nas should be held in contempt and thrown behind bars.

Do you think Nas is intentionally not paying child support? Should he be thrown in jail for this or is Carmen Bryan just being vindictive over eleven stacks?

2 thoughts on “Nas Accused Of Refusing To Pay Daughter’s College Tuition

  1. Skye on said:

    This the problem… men like Mac Ben. This is not about the mom. If their daughter aspires to go to college, both should do what’s necessary to make that happen if they can afford it. Both parents are responsible for the child’s education. Yes, she might be 19 however normally you enter college at 17-18 until 21-22 or beyond depending on requirements. Mac Ben, you are ignorant and should shut the hell up.

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