Christopher D. Spears, 17, was charged Monday with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting his classmate, Dominique Hollie,  also 17, over some sexual remarks made about the victim’s younger sister, reports KETV.

The Friday night shooting occurred at Hollie’s Omaha, Neb., home. The boys, along with some other friends, were hanging out in Hollie’s basement. According to police documents, Spears allegedly made some sexual comments about Hollie’s sister. Hollie then went into his bedroom to reportedly grab a sawed-off shotgun; he returned to the group and addressed Spears about his lewd comments. Hollie then took the weapon back to his room after he and Spears had their initial confrontation.

The battle of words, however, escalated between the high school students. Witnesses told police that Spears then went to Hollie’s room to get the shotgun. When the youth returned to the basement, he had the shotgun in his hands and was pointing it at Hollie.  According to investigators, Spears uttered the words, “I’m going to shoot you,” and shot Hollie in the face.

Hollie’s tight-knit family members are in shock over the shooting because they say Spears considered them his relatives. “This boy who killed him called us family, called me Auntie. (He) shot my nephew,” Andrea Hollis, Hollie’s aunt, said.


Sadly, Hollie, who considered Spears a best friend, had just moved to Omaha with his sister to help care for his grandfather, who had recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

According to neighbors, there were several people who ran from the Hollie home after the shooting. Omaha police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to please contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 402-444-STOP.


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6 thoughts on “Teen Charged In Shooting Death Of Classmate Over Sexual Comments About Victim’s Sister

  1. A ‘sawed off shotgun?’

    Why would you have an illegal sawed off shotgun in your house and why would it be accessible to children (particularly one that would use it to threaten someone) or anyone visiting.

    There are things wrong with this picture everywhere you look and I can almost guarantee you that there are things outside this article going on in those families that makes this tragic outcome hardly surprising. Very sad for both families.

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    What ever happened to the days when young cats laughed and told your momma so fat jokes and jokes about someone’s sister? Kids now days are too stressed out & too sensitive.

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