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Black community leaders are taking a stand against the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law.

On March 10, 2014 in Tallahassee, Florida, leaders across the country including Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network are gathering in the Sunshine State to rally and a hold a prayer vigil in protest of SYG.


Sharpton will also be joined by Attorney Ben Crump and the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

The march begins at 9:30am ET  at the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center,  located at 505 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

After the march is completed, the  rally begins at the State Capitol located at 400 South Monroe St, Tallahassee, Florida, FL 32301.

Remembering Trayvon Martin On His 21st Birthday
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20 thoughts on “‘Stand Your Ground’ March Scheduled for March 10th in Tallahassee

  1. Fred Lindsey on said:

    we should march to the gun shops, purchase hand guns, register them, get ccw permits and then see if the law changes


  2. Shelia B Sanford Black folks are still feeling the backlash off of the Travon’s death. They see you are black and they don’t want to serve you right in some places. The jobs here they hold them out until they can give them to some white person. The police was acting out on the day of Travon anniversary of his death.One cop in a mark car stop my daughter and bully her. He got in court about a ticket he wrote and act like he want to jump on her.The judge didn’t say anything to him.The ranstad and auf staffing in altomonte fla got their flags up to blacks send you out to jobs were white folks try to work you for a week or two then hold out the jobs for their people. This town really was having racial issues before the death of Travon and they really got worse with it.

  3. Someone isn’t paying attention here; the ‘stand your ground laws’ work both ways…a young punk acting like a hoodlum and thinking he is tougher than he is then getting killed for his own bad behavior reflects badly on everyone whatever you think…white folks, Mexicans, Chinese, Koreans, etc., will all use deadly force to protect themselves from such behavior…and there isn’t anything wrong with that…and if the black community doesn’t defend itself from such behavior it is just a continuation of that old slave mentality we all know so well. Obama is done, the groveling liberals are about done as well…so where you going to go, what are you going to do…with your hands out for ‘entitlements’ that are drying up? Go ahead, keep up the angry X-slave mentality…no one really cares but what good does it do? Will tomorrow be better for it? I think not….

  4. Daniel Asamota on said:

    We are going to have to be more responsible, more willing to take on leadership roles for when you allow others to have power over you, they will do what they want to do and that is always destroy you! We can no longer allow ourselves to be ruled by ‘others’ for we see what that result is! We have to let God be our leader so we can be empowered to tear down these institutions of racism, hate, and injustice! About time this wake-up call and call to arms!

  5. Daniel Asamota on said:

    It’s about time dammit! How many more of our children have to die before we fucking ‘STAND OUR GROUND!’

  6. Insomemaze on said:

    They should play the video The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on youtube at The Take a Stand Rally.Because The Madness must stop! Peace!

  7. Sharon on said:

    The racist spirit behind the “stand your ground” laws must be cursed first! “Man/Woman Know Thyself” first and foremost…Know what the law really means and do something about legislation, READ, VOTE, ASK QUESTIONS NO MATTER WHAT. SEEK WISE COUNSEL. STOP PARTICIPATING IN STUFF THAT DON’T ENHANCE YOUR CULTURAL GROWTH OR THAT ISN’T PUSHING US FORWARD AS A PEOPLE. THIS GOES FOR ANYBODY, BUT ESP. AFRIKAN AMERICANS. PEACE BE STILL.

  8. americanize. on said:

    We have to unite get involved in the local elections,those are the ones that can directly hurt you.If u think other people will protect your family,then you belive the tea party loves u.GET INVOLVED.

  9. How much money will the marchers leave in Tallahassee? If we wanna change the law that gives white people the right to kill us, we need to boycott Florida. We need to hit them where it hurt…in the pocket.

  10. Kristie Marris on said:

    I just want to say I’m praying for the families. Nd we need to help our youth. My son is not dead but he is in prison. He been there since he was 15 he is nxw 17 nd they gave him 10 years. Cause this town i live in want our youth locked up rather then try nd help them.

    • The NAACP was there on yesterday March 3rd in a rally called Moral Monday and I agree like some have written we must stop killing each other, get educated, and don’t forget their roots! The marching is unity, something we need to do and have to do and continue to do!I don’t know why we did the rallies separately, but two different one with 2 different groups should have a positive effect that we are not standing for the inequality in Florida and ppl need to vote so we can remove the state officials that refuse to bring justice to all!

  11. Two high profile cases of black youths killed under the umbrella SYG. Al calls for a MARCH!! and speechs
    Two Thousand black youths killed in B on B crimes yet the former is our “call to arms”

  12. Timekeeeper on said:

    nigas marching wont accomplish very much. However, Black people and all dignified minorities of all shades, hews and colors can accomplsih a whole lot.

  13. Mac Ben on said:

    …niggas always marching….what has that gotten us? It is time to stop killing each other, stop marching and moaning and stand-up on our own feet; get educated and live right!

  14. Camella Jenkins on said:

    God Bless all of the participants. This protest is like an “Alter Call” in the Black Church, “lay it on the alter”, it must be done and we will get positive results from it/expecting a miracle. I won’t be there in person but will be there in spirit.

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