In the on-going war between media and artists about the quality of interviews and not wanting to answer certain questions, R&B singers Dru Hill remind us that sometimes just being honest is the best way to please both parties.

According to TMZ, Donna Jones of AOSTL media group was interviewing the “Tell Me” singers after a show in D.C. and lobbed a pretty standard question across the plate for them to swing at–how have you dealt with the ups and downs (and there have been many with them) of their career?

Sisqo began to give a thoughtful, polite response that would have hit on all of the safe, inspirational points she could post without worry on the air or her site. However, his group member Nokio interjected with some light-hearted but profane reality.

“Will y’all stop with this educated bullish*t,” he snapped bringing laughs from everyone. “We get out there and sing like our lives depend on it every night because we got kids and sh*t!  That’s the reality of the situation…We got families to feed!”

Ms. Jones recovered nicely and as far as we know has not turned her traumatic experience into a reality show pitch to VH1.


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