02/24/14- Roland Martin talks with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott about the celebration of Black Senators in United States history.

One thought on “Senator Tim Scott is Leading the Celebration of Black Senators

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    The problem I have with Tim Scott, or any Black Republican is this. How do they stand by and watch, listen, and observe the racist epithets his party spews out at the president and others and Say Nothing!? I am not saying this from ay potical stance. Not democra, liberal, conservative, progressive or any other label people wold like to use. I say this simply as an objective observer. I could be the most right wing, conservate republican peros in the world. But when a colleague talks out of his neck with Vile, Racial comments, I dont know how he could be silent. And he has been silent. How in the world can anyone with a conscience Reconcile that in their mind and heart and contrinue in that same path. OH, and he had the nerve to mention Alan West. This is what I call a reprobate mind. If we could get at least one, ” Hey, that isnt right” from any of his black republican colleagues when these racist names are being spoken by his white colleagues, then at east I might know he isnt a complete selllout. Either they are afraid, have no backbone, or worse, actually think it is okay.

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