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Anyone who watched last weeks episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta knows that Todd Tucker, the fiance of Kandi Burruss has been put through the ringer as it pertains to Kandi’s mother. Mama Joyce has notably been doing and saying a whole lot of pretty awful things in order to derail her daughter’s relationship with the love of her life Todd.

Well, Todd finally hit a wall with all of it and told Kandi that if she didn’t stand up for him and for their relationship that her mother Mama Joyce was going to basically end up running him away because he wasn’t going to be able to stand for too much more disrespect.

After being “hot topics” of discussion a few days ago on ABC’s daytime talk show “The View”, the trio actually ended up going on the show to discuss their situation and where they stand with one another. As expected…Mama Joyce was still throwing shade at Todd! Take a look at the clip below!





We noticed a big difference in Kandi this time…while she didn’t radically stand up for Todd..she DID stand up for herself! And that is the most important piece of this whole thing. We hate to see Kandi crying and sad. She has one of the biggest most pleasant smiles of anyone on that show period and we’ve really missed seeing it. From what we know, Kandi is a delight to be around so we don’t want to see her sad anymore!

In our opinion she is one step closer to being happy again now that she’s using her voice to speak up for herself and for what’s in her own best interest.

And we hope she will find what she needs to do that continuously!  She deserves that level of peace and contentment in her world and those around her need to respect that…and her! Give em hell Kandi!





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8 thoughts on “RHOA’s Mama Joyce Shades Kandi And Todd’s Relationship On “The View” [VIDEO]

  1. Constance on said:

    Why is Kandi in a rush to get married? I think she should wait. One thing I have learned when mama sees red my mama is usually right. Kandi need to wait, Todd must love the idea of marrying a rich woman. His true colors will show once they tie the knot and I wouldn’t feel bad for her.

  2. Gay Lewis on said:

    Mama Joyce need to find her a man friend and get out of Kandi’s relationship. You can pick and chose for someone we are sure mama Joyce has had some bs## in her life and no one picked for her . Leave Kandi alone is she scared it’s not going to be enough money left for her they really need to take her ass off the show with that foolishness. And if Kandi dont speak up she going to be by her lonesome ass self.

  3. Kandi need to tell her mother to take a step back and let her live her life the way she wants she is after all a grown ass woman and she will make mistakes along the way her mother should be there when and if she ever falls to support her not tear her down, my mom loves the hell out of me but she has never been one of those mother’s who is all up in my business. Let them get married and have a happy ending.

  4. I think Kandi and Todd are going to be fine now that she’s found her voice with her mom, who needs to go somewhere and sit down.

  5. Kandi at the end of the day has to stand up an let her mom know that she rear end her to be a strong woman who is capable of making her on mistakes let her be the women she is if Todd isn t the one let her have this happy season

  6. It looks like Kandi is trying to do some damage control. Her mother has not only made herself look bad on RHOA but she also has managed to make her daughter appear weak and incapable of selecting a husband.

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