Sorry Justin Bieber but you are not welcome in the ATL.

CNN reports:

The retiree and longtime resident is worried about unwanted attention should the singer indeed move to Buckhead, known for its vast old-money mansions. White has organized a protest for 6 a.m. Monday in front of an on-the-market mansion that is part of the Bieber speculation.

The Regular Guys, a morning show based in Atlanta pranked national media because this story is not true!

CNN reports:

Amid rumors that pop star Justin Bieber was considering a move to Atlanta, the Regular Guys, a morning show on Atlanta radio station Rock 100.5, put together a fake neighborhood group and pulled the wool over the eyes of the world’s news organizations.

They convinced the media that the newly formed Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition wanted no part of Bieber setting up his new digs in the midst of their old-money mansions.

“The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is an organization put together by ‘the Regular Guys Show,’ ” host Larry Wachs admitted Monday after the show’s cast completed its “protest” in front of an on-the-market mansion.

The Regular Guys’ Tim Andrews played the role of Harold White, becoming the face of the fictitious protest, doing interviews with CNN, the BBC and a host of other news outlets.

“@theregularguys show got 33 international media outlets including TMZ to generate 45,000 plus news stories,” Wachs claimed on air.


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