As we previously reported, Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J has been delinquent on his child support payments and his ex Carol Bennett the mother of two of his kids ( and whom he allegedly owes more than a million dollars in back to support to) is over it.

Well, according to Radar Online, apparently the judge in the case is over it too because the court is now threatening to put out an arrest warrant for Stevie if he doesn’t appear in a New York family court to answer in the case of his unpaid back child support.

According to the paperwork, Stevie must appear in court on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 because he

 “Failed to obey the support order dated January 10, 2012.”

He has been subpoenaed to appear in front of the court and the documents from the court say,

“This subpoena requires Steve J’s appearance or an arrest warrant can be issued by the State of New York. You may be required to furnish past and present income tax returns; employment statements; proof of health insurance available; pay stubs; corporate, business or partnership books and records; corporate and business tax returns; and receipts for expenses or such other measures of verification as the Court determines appropriate,”

Said Bennett’s rep, Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez,

“This is not a joke! Since the release of the story in October of last year, Mr. Jordan has not taken any serious steps to satisfy his unpaid child support obligation with our client. Make no mistake; this obligation has not been paid, but increases at the rate of $8,550 per month. We are going to take every step to ensure this obligation is satisfied, even if it means petitioning the court to seize his television and music royalties, as well as his earnings generated from his new restaurant.”

The rep for Bennett is referring to the new  joint venture bar in Atlanta called Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar that Stevie J and Benzino opened in Atlanta on Feb. 5 of this year.

Actually the new restaurant is coincidentally where Stevie J was when he got served with the subpoena.

Last year it was reported that Stevie owes $1.28 million in child support and over the course of 14 years has only paid Bennett $132,220.30.

Take care of your babies y’all jeesh!


2 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J Could Go To Jail For Back Child Support of $1.28 Million

  1. Gay Lewis on said:

    This fool have the nervous to open a eatery and not pay his child support he need to be treated like the average man that has not paid his child support. Lock his sorrrrrry ass up your kids have needs and they did not get here by there mother only send his ass to jail.

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