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A civil case against Da Brat is on its way to court as jury selection starts today.

The rapper (born Shawntae Harris) is accused of accused of breaking a rum bottle over an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader’s head during a 2007 Halloween party altercation.

The party took place at a club owned by So-So Def Recordings CEO Jermaine Dupri. A civil suit was reportedly filed two years later in 2009.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Da Brat faces civil allegations in Cobb County Superior Court that her actions caused Shayla Stevens “permanent facial scarring, neurological impairment and severe mental pain.”

In a statement released last Wednesday, Stevens’ attorneys also claim that their client’s injuries also hindered her showbiz aspirations.

“Ms. Stevens suffered permanent damage to her face including possible neurological damage, forcing her to relinquish her duties with the Atlanta Falcons and to give up a budding acting career with an appearance on Tyler Perry’s ‘House of Payne’ television show,” the attorneys stated.

At the time of the incident, Da Brat was living in Atlanta and Chicago. The entertainer is noted for being the first female rapper to sell 1 million copies of an album, for her 1994 debut “Funkdafied.”

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2 thoughts on “Da Brat’s Civil Case Heads to Court

  1. One thought about the writer/editor of the articles on this site. The articles routinely have editorial and/or grammatical errors. The articles should be proof read before posting. It is embarrassing to read some of the articles on this site for OUR people.

  2. Da-brat does this girl ever stay out of trouble, I mean how old is she now, she is always in some kind of brawl, or going to court , da-brat maybe you need to call Ms, Vanszant fix my life, you truly need to get it together and grow up and start acting like a young woman. stop fighting everybody, seems like she is a very angry young woman.

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