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Rapper/actor Ludacris has been ordered to pay $7,000-a-month to the mother of his baby daughter after attempting to plead poverty to limit the amount of child support he would have to giver her, reports TMZ.

Luda, real name Christopher Bridges, became a father for a second time on Dec. 9 December, when former lover Tamika Fuller gave birth to Cai. Fuller filed papers for financial support, asking for a monthly check of $15,000 to care for the newborn, but Ludacris challenged the claim, insisting he couldn’t afford to pay that much. Ludacris impregnated Fuller while still in a relationship with current girlfriend Eudoxie. (pictured above.)

Last month, he requested a Georgia judge cap his child support liabilities to a maximum of $1,800 a month, blaming the stalled production of “Fast & Furious 7,” which has been on hold since the death of star Paul Walker in November, for affecting his cash flow.

He also claimed to only have made $55,000 in 2013.

The case returned to court on Wednesday (Feb. 19), when a judge ruled against Ludacris, although he refused to grant the full amount demanded by Fuller.

Instead, he decided to temporarily award Fuller $7,000-a-month, which will be reviewed once all of the financial documents have been assessed.

Child Support Payments of the Rich & Famous
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2 thoughts on “Ludacris Ordered to Pay $7000/Month to Baby Mama After Crying Broke

  1. I agree with you Mac Ben, there should be reform or have a court-ordered system that tracks how and where the money is being spent. I’m sure my response will trigger negative feed-back from women.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    There needs to be child support reform in this country. Luda would not be spending $7000 a month on this child if he or she lived with him, so why should his child support judgement be $7000 a month? Men, stop sleeping with women who have less money (or earning potential) than you do and get a vasectomy!! If you want a kid later, adopt one or get a dog.

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