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Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between “The Jerk” and “The Monkey“? Even if you haven’t, you should still watch this hilarious video of J. Anthony Brown showing the differences!

Get it J!

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One thought on “LOL: J. Anthony Brown Shows Us ‘The Jerk’ Versus ‘The Monkey’ [WATCH]

  1. J Russell on said:

    Larry Elder, after listening to you on the Pierce Morgan show about Rachel and Zimmerman reminded me again of how lost you are. You are doing the same thing you are accusing Pierce about. Where does it say when Black people are nice and smart that Black people have to talk with diction. Contrary to the statistics you spewed about Black crime, black men PERIOD are still not safe in America. I can’t feel sorry for ignorant, pompous, arrogant and out of touch with history and reality of Oreo Cookies like you. Zimmerman stalked and profiled a child as someone who MIGHT be a robber. Life will make you pay for your ignorant words.

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