All week-long on traditional and social media, in the break rooms at work, on the bus and on the train people will be analyzing the Michael Dunn verdict in the Jordan Davis murder.  CNN  even interviewed George Zimmerman.

I don’t want to hear anything from George Zimmerman.

In fact, I don’t want to hear anything else about Michael Dunn’s mistrial.

I don’t want to know why and how the jurors could clearly see Dunn killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis and not find him guilty of murder.  Nor do I want to know how they could agree that Dunn attempted to murder the three teenagers who were in the car with the murdered Jordan Davis   All that makes my head hurt.

Here’s what I what I plan to dwell on:

When you add up the charges and the minimum sentencing Dunn could receive, it’s pretty clear he will get a least 60 years in prison…he’s 47 so that means life.

But what about the life of Jordan Davis, you ask?  I know.

Let’s hope that the memory of both him and Trayvon Martin will motivate more of us to register to vote,  to vote in EVERY election, and then as Attorney Ben Crump said to serve on juries and to become police officers and attorneys too.

And let’s also turn our attention to Marissa Alexander, the woman who may be serving 20 years for actually using the Stand Your Ground Law as it was meant to be used.  Believing she was in danger, she fired a gun, not at her abusive husband but in the air.

Alexander is proof of Stand Your Ground’s double standard and right now, from what I can see it’s working in the favor of white men who if not armed would not have the guts to aggressively approach young black teenagers.

Many of you had a lot to get off your chest this morning and here are a few text messages that really stood out:

“Everybody black person in Florida register for a gun permit…the gun laws will change.”

 “It’s okay to kill a black man in Florida but if you shoot one and don’t kill him you’re going to jail.”

“My friends were planning to buy a house and retire in Florida but changed their minds because of Trayvon and Jordan.”

” The prosecutors are over-charging these cases.  They shouldn’t be going for First Degree murder.”

” I’m a Floridian and the verdict didn’t shock me at all. We as black people have no rights here.”

 “If these were white teenagers being murdered then Stand Your Ground Laws will be eliminated.”

 “There has been a war on the black man for decades, keep marching maybe in another hundred years it will change. Until then keep counting the bodies!!!”

Each one of you makes a valid point. It’s about power, it’s about racism but it’s also about dollars and as I always say, “follow the money.”

The gun control lobbyists have a huge financial stake in Stand Your Ground legislation.  They’d rather risk mass shootings in shopping malls, movie theaters and even schools than make it more difficult for the average Joe to purchase a gun.

Some of you think everyone being armed is the solution.  I know it isn’t.

Join me March 3rd for the protest against Stand Your Ground in Jacksonville, Fla., to take a stand for justice for Marissa Alexander and to honor the lives of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

26 thoughts on “Done with the Dunn Case, Moving on to Marissa Alexander

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  2. Florida and its southern compatriots continue, in this era of Obama, to be “reminded of the ones who caused their defeat, their despised former captives” …and for every head they cut off two more will take its place!~C

  3. The American, Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) will have its national conference in FL in November. It is my alternate year to attend and I will not be going. Not one dime would I intentionally drop in that state that historically has committed gross atrocities in the name of the law: from the “Trail of Tears” cleansing to the feeding of Black babies to alligators! Florida’s group think and mental model remains constant. Playing semantics has not changed the state’s agenda or the enactment of it! Just plain sick of the whole lot of them!~C

  4. Sandra Watkins-Keough on said:

    Ol’ Jim Crow is Hunting Again
    No more strange fruit hanging on southern trees
    Tools and methods have changed since then
    No visible horrors swaying in a gentle country breeze
    Now ol’ jim crow is taking to city streets 

    That undying hatred is on the hunt again
    Rabid and tracking its fresh young prey 

    It’s open season on young black men
    Free reign for ol’ jim crow to act on his hate 

    Is it the insatiable appetite of evil incarnate
    That makes ol’ jim crow act that way? 

    Will the passive way we express our rage
    Make us lose the ground we have gained? 

    And the stand your ground law, who created that anyway?
    License for ol’ jim crow to hunt valued young black men 

    Remember the blood that once dripped from leaves
    Drenching the roots of those strange fruit filled trees 

    Remember Travon Martin and Jordan Davis
    Their mother’s unimaginable grief 

    Be wary and warn our endangered species
    That ol’ jim cros is now hunting the city streets 
    Sandra Watkins-Keough

  5. Tellen Truth on said:

    It seems to be open season on Black people again. How much of this White folks killing Black folks will we have to tollerate? No, now is not the time to move on. We need justice. Wake up Black America, who will it be tomorrow? It might or could be your family member.

  6. We were done with the Trayvon Martin case, and you see what happened. Another young man is dead for know reason. We can’t ever be done Tom. White men hate the fact that white women are having black babies. The white race is becoming smaller and smaller. They are not sitting on their asses being done with the situation. They are killing and jailing as many young black men as possible. How could you suggest that we move on? If our Ancestors felt that way, we would still be riding on the back of the damn bus.

    • Deb,

      YOU are so right!! If our ancestors continued too fight despite their many obstacles we can surely continue to fight for justice for Jordan, and Trayvon, and the countless others that have been forgotten. I will continue to do what ever I can to stop this madness injustice against our people.

  7. Tom,

    I have supported many of your causes throughout the years. I love listening too you and the gang every morning. However, I (we) should not “move” on past the Dunn case. Far too often we as AA are expected to “get” over it. We as a people have got to “stand our ground” and demand that we receive justice for all who have lost their lives due to senseless murder. Tom. you have been such an inspiration to many, please rethink your blog, and encourage our people too band together and fight as our ancestor did. Fight by registering too vote, serve on jury duty the next time you are called. I wish you could move the family reunion from FLA, I don’t want too put my resources in this state.

  8. Camella Jenkins on said:

    All that glitter ain’t gold-FLORIDA. Has always been over advertised and overrated by the media portraying it as being this wonderful place, party central, spring break the best place to have fun Florida. It still have plantation farms down there and it’s still the deep south. The rediculous stand your ground law and the cowardly despicable excuse to murder has deterred me from going on a family vacation with my son and his family disney world, nor does either of my sons plan to go back to Florida or any state with that twisted law.

  9. I’m actually surprised to here you say you don’t want to hear anymore about the Dunn trial. As a Black woman, I am shocked actually. This is exactly what they (racist white people and the right-winged media) wants us to do. Forget! Should we forget about Jordan and Trayvon, as well as Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrell, Kendrick Johnson, Hadiya Pendleton (although her shooters were black) also? If you forget about the Dunn case, you might as well forget about them too. They also want us to give in, because I really don’t believe they will re-try the Dunn case on M1. I am just shocked you would write such an article, but then ask us to join you in a march. Well, if that’s your attitude, forget Marissa too, but I won’t.

  10. Tom
    You may be done with the Dunn case, but black America is not. You are on your own on this one. I do agree we should give some attention to Marissa Alexander.

  11. I love FL, but I won’t go there. It is time to put our money where our mouth is. Tom you can hold your events anyway and black people will follow, so why are you still doing business in FL. It is time to wage financial warfare against people who disrespect and kill us. Withholding our money from businesses (pick any) will force them to put heat on those individuals and organizations which could care less about our lives.

    • Tom, i agree with Jason and Feelesha. Why are you still having your Family Reunion in Florida. Marching is a step but a financial boycott would be better. When Trayvon was killed and you were asked about a boycotr you said that would only take money from the hardworking people (not exact words) but as was the case in the 60’s; if the little people suffer they will also push for a change.

  12. I agree with you Faleesha. How can you ask us to boycott a state and then hold the Family Reunion there. Tom, you’re sending mixed messages.

  13. I agree with you Mattie we are to quick as a people to forgive and forget. Everybody said forget about Trayvon then we got Jordan Davis, we have to continue to make people uncomfortable by raising this issue. Bigger than that we have to realize that we must unite and do for self its not just Florida this is happening all over the country.

  14. This should not be dismissed because Michael Dunn is doing 60 years for attempted murder on the other 4 young men in the car. We have to face facts that we will have several things to continue to fight for and sweeping this under the rug to focus on something else is not the answer.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Tom Joyner’s presence may be profound but it is not up to him. His is but one voice and who is he to say “done with the Dunn case?” Maybe a massive tuning out of the legendary “Fly Jock” will bring him back to earth.

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