Manhood is earned, not given. Once upon a time when we understood this truth, we trained our sons and made them prove themselves worthy of being called a man. But today, manhood is no longer an elite club in which boys are initiated.
Instead, we associate manhood with superficial milestones such as turning 18, being able to drink legally or losing ones virginity.  As a society, we’ve lost hold of the truth that boys are born and men are made. Consequently, too many women date males who claim to be men, but function like boys.
Here are 10 signs, each 140 characters or less (so you can Tweet these), that let know you are dating a real man and not a boy in an adult body. 
1. He puts God first. A real man leans on God and is not afraid to submit to a power that is greater than himself.
2. He is searching for a Queen. A real man understands that, if he is to live life as a king, he must be paired with a woman of equal stature.
3. He possesses vision. A real man will never ask a woman to follow him on an aimless journey through life.
4. He is guided by priorities. A real man is ruled not by feelings and childish wants but by order, values and what he knows needs to be done.
5. He constantly pours into you. A real man will never take out more than he is willing to put in.

6. He is versatile. A real man is a giant who stands up to talk with kings but kneels down to play with babies.

7. He does not quit easily. A real man never starts what he doesn’t intend to finish.
8. He is a dream-enabler. A real man takes on your dreams as his own and does everything he can to help you get there.
9. He is present. A real man shows up all the time not just when he wants something.
10. He handles his.  A real man draws a circle around those he is responsible for and ensures they are cared for and protected.
Now that you know the signs, whether you date men or boys is up to you!

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