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Gabourey Sidibe is not a fan of Twitter.

HelloBeautiful caught up with the “American Horror Story: Coven” star at 45th NAACP Image Awards Nominees’ Luncheon in Hollywood this weekend, and she opened up about why she dislikes the social networking service and her plans to launch a non-profit organization dedicated to building self-esteem.

“I just joined Twitter and I’m getting the hang of it, but I still don’t like it,” she said. “I feel like people who are complete strangers feel like they get to have an opinion on me when they really can’t. Because if we were in a restaurant together, you wouldn’t come out of your face and say stuff like that to me or anything! So, Twitter is just a weird place where people are hiding.”

Gabby did use Twitter, however, to shut down her Golden Globes red carpet critics last month. “My response was just about me saying, ‘I get it. I’m not stupid. I’m not blind. I know what I look like.’ But, I’m still above whatever it is that you think I am because I’m a human being and I’m a person,” she explained. “That’s all. I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone, just I’m a person who bleeds and I have feelings.”

The actress went on to say that she doesn’t mind responding to fans with an 140-character message when “they are nice.”

“I respond back a lot actually. I can also tell when someone is struggling through something and it’s really just warms their heart to say ‘Hi, I can see you,’” she said. “I pick and choose what I respond to.”

When asked about giving back, Gabourey revealed her dream of opening a nonprofit to help women deal with social media bullying and build confidence.

“I have not slowed down enough to really focus on that but it’s something I do have plans to do,” she shared. “I think it would be about just building a good self image and really building confidence. I think that’s the most important thing that I have that I hold on to. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to build and it’s the hardest thing to maintain.”

“It wouldn’t just be for young girls because there are a lot of grown women who don’t know that they are worthy of love,” she added. “I think that it would be for every girl!”

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