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It was drama like you’ve never seen before on the last episode of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”  Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear part of the brawl that went down and why Gary With Da Tea feels like RHOA producers are trying to expose NeNe Leakes

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20 thoughts on “Are “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Producers Trying To Expose NeNe Leakes?

  1. haploman on said:

    Nene, obviously still has a lot of fans. However, she also has lost MANY! Needless to say, DWTS conveniently got rid of her after she walked out on Tony during his rehearsal. They probably didn’t want someone of her caliber on the show anymore. (Poor Tony probably dropped to his knees and thanked the heavens above after she was voted off.) Not to mention how disrespectful she was to Andy on the last reunion show. Producers now are not even hiring seasoned actors who have been in the industry for years if they are displaying diva attitudes. (There are too many young and upcoming attractive ones waiting in the wings.) It will be interesting to see if she gets any big Hollywood offers in the future. Sadly, I think she has done herself in. As for her up and coming clothing line — is she for real? She always, I mean ALWAYS, look horrific! Therefore, I think it is in her best interest to stay on the show, and for her to FIRE her publicist and personal stylist!

  2. Theater Lover on said:

    FYI-Black Bottom, was a term used to describe the black population in the southern states, during the early 1920’s and beyond; perhaps even longer.

  3. Theater Lover on said:

    Just saw NeNe on Dancing with the Stars, on 4/28/14, She had on a 1920’s or 30’s outfit. Immediately, I thought of Ma Rainey, ‘Mother of the Blues.’ That would be the perfect role for NeNe.
    NeNe, please play this role in August Wilson’s prize winning play, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” You’d be a natural in this role.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      A Natural??? First you have to be an actress to act, and this thing is nothing more than RHOA street walking whore!!!!!

  4. ellison on said:

    Nene is a hateful ass black woman that’s sooooooo jealous of kandi rich ass and I say that because kandi do got money not from this show as we all know but being a damn good song writer,in that girl group,her sex line and other thngs that a smart business woman suppose to have now the tables is turnng on nene her friend cynthia is calling it quts for calling peter the b word,marlo shut her ass down it’s just her turn now and kim said this day wil come karma is a bitch,BITCH:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Phaedra, you are constantly correcting your husband Apollo’s diction: his vocabulary, speech, etc. When you married the man, you knew he did not have a law degree like you do. When you marry someone, you marry them as they are. You don’t have the right to change an adult. Everytime you correct his language, you humiliate and infantilize him. The quickest way to run a man away is to humiliate and infantilize (emasculate) him. If you didn’t want an uneducated man, why bother him.
    Like they say, “you can take the man out the country, but you can’t take the country out the man.”
    Accept him or lose him; mark my word. But you’re doing a great job with your little boy’s vocabulary.

  6. BrokenHearted on said:

    NeNe, enough NaNa. Keep up the therapy. I know it hurt you when Marlo was friends with Kenya. Those old abandonment issues kicked in. Been there. You and Marlo and Kenya have so much in common. Kenya, it didn’t help that you said you would, “kill her [NeNe] with kindness”. That is not kindness. I know you are angry and afraid of NeNe, but such statements undermine your sincerity about a friendship with her. I know you were abandoned, too. It’s hard. NeNe, we care about you. You don’t have to be so bossy to get what you want. You already have the support, you just don’t know it. You three were all made motherless, during your childhood, due to no fault of your own. I know it hurts. Hurt people hurt others, often. Support one another. Forgive. Let it go. You are role models once you hit the public stage; whether you want to be or not. Some of us are watching you and you are helping us to become the women we are trying to become; because we have no other role models. Help us. Love you all. Please come together as a sisterhood. We need you. There are milllions of needy, broken hearted sistas, looking for guidance. Same for the brothas. You can help with your program and public exposure. Maybe the therapists can explain more how childhood and the African American experience effects our lives and relationships, in general. Thank you.

    • Kudos to Brokenhearded well said. The African-American community of men and women have set backs from childhood that affects them as adults, as she said they need to embrace eachother and move on the pettiness and immaturity that they portray for a check is ridiculous. NENE will never get a big hollywood role with her messiness and nasty attitude, she is way abover herself and what is up with her weave this season I can relate to Marlo if you RICH please fix that hat on your head. Marlo is a high fashion label whore everything is about name brand where do you work marlo? They all need a reality check and Peter this season is messy for a male Have A Seat and don’t get up. Apollo is sneaky looking and if I was Phaedra in order to save my good name and grace DIVORCE his stealing a$$…He was greedy in his scheme which makes me think like the old saying if you lie you will steal and cheat, he messed up the family empire with his fraud oolishness all he had to do was sit back and let his wife get the checks but he had to get their upcoming show cancelled because of being greedy. Greg needs to man up and stop taking NENE’s foolishness shes not always right Greg, I like him but he defends her instead of trying to make her see that she is a messy mess on t.v. no young girl wants to look up to a woman that fights and gossips and stir up trouble every minute she can.

  7. Nene is so messy and tried, so upset with her. She could have been humble and respectful to the charity at least, she got the big head and on her way down. She must be getting high, when I go back and watch the fighting that went on in the past she was center stage messy two thumbs down.

  8. Hadenoughofnene on said:

    Tired of Nene’s bullying ways… She lies forgetting that her actions are actually on video.. her antics are messy… bottom line she is just too stressful to watch. Enough of Nene’s ignorance.

  9. The fact that people are watching this RATCHET NONSENSE is offensive and downright sad! I wonder when these RHOA people see themselves on camera, are they embarrassed by their behavior? Yes I’m sure they all make a lot of money for exposing there dirty laundry to the public this way, but is this the only way they can be successful? How do they look themselves in the mirror each day knowing that the world views them as HORRIBLE, UNEDUCATED, CORRUPTIBLE,SAD, NONRESPECTABLE People??? SMDH!!!!!

    • Wildflower on said:

      They probably look in the mirror and say none of the people that think that way about me feed me, clothe me, phuk me or pay my bills so they’ll get over themselves sooner or later. It’s TV, it’s entertainment…. period! Who are we to judge how people make a living. Especially black people as if it’s not hard enough for us in this shitty country to feed ours. If we want to shame anyone we should be shaming the black men in our community that are half responsible for all the single family homes. Shame those young black men that will kill one another just because another brother looked at them wrong or stepped on his shoe, but will allow people like George Zimmerman walk around here freely rubbing what he’s done to your community in your face. I mean I don’t condone violence but if you gonna do it anyway make it worth while. Just my 2 cents.

      • I disagree with you 1000%, This is NOT entertainment, and if you think this is you’re just as sick and twisted as they are!!!! And if you feel like this is a S_____ country, then leave!!!!

  10. Nene will find out the HARD WAY that being Black and Messy will not get her any roles in Hollywood. It is hard enough for Blacks to get roles in Hollywood with Nice Personalities. Nene can’t blame Kenya for all the things she said after the fight. Like laughing at Brandon for getting beat up And out right lying that it was Kenya’s fault like no one else can See. The things she said spoke Volume about her character. Even the way she went after Porsha in front of the new people was disrespectful

  11. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She’s been exposed since Season 2. What’s up with that weave sewn in her bald head. Is NeNe really a big & tall man in drag or a big & tall man to be?

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