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02/11/14-  Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Sabrina Lamb about the question of whether women should give men they are dating money.

Lamb is the author of “Do I Look Like An ATM? Parent’s Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Children” which is nominated for “Outstanding Literary Work- Instructional” at the 45th NAACP Image Awards.

The 45th NAACP Image Awards air on TV One on February 22 at 9:00pm E/T.

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And the Nominees Are: The 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards
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5 thoughts on “Should a Woman Give a Man She’s Dating Money? Sabrina Lamb Says NO!

  1. Every parent should buy this book for their teen-age and young adult children. I am particularly concern about the females! This is a very common issue in the quest for a relationship today. Many young ladies (as well as single/married adults) are vulnerable to this issue. My daughter has had one experience with this in college. I want to make sure she really get the message, “Loud & Clear!”

  2. I feel it should be a two way street. I never expected a guy I was dating to always foot the bills or give me money. If he had, i had. If I had, he had. We need to let go of the “GOD GIFT TO MEN” theory that men are our foot stools and we as women deserve to be pampered and taken care of. We all fall short. Money is power, but power means nada if your spirit is not right.

  3. the Timekeeper on said:

    A little Male Bashing goes a lomg way in today’s society. No, a woman should never give a an money. However, let’s not act as if women havent been doing that to Men since the beginning of time. Ever guy I know has either paid a bill, lent his girl some money ( probably knowing he will never see it again) paid some rent, etc, etc, etc simply beuase sheknows him and he will do i. A Big But and a Smile gosa long way ( ask Bel, Biv, Devoe) so this is n M.O for a whloe lot of women past, present and future and thats okay, let them tell it. I agree a man needsto have his own, we all know that. But this woman is peddlng male hate as good advice.

  4. Vince Will on said:

    Horroble, this lady has no clue. My black women have educations than black men which they have some common sense. She talks about financial advisors so she isn’t talking about hood people so why is she making her comments general. She bounces back from educated to the hood. And maybe she should give that man some “whoop ash” remember that, a high class woman trying to get a product eith that name in Maceys (Will Smiths ex). It all comes down to the situation, sounds like she is venting her past.

  5. Oh come on ladies you know one day you’re walking out of the store and you bump into Desawn,
    Degawn, Taquawn, he’s got his pants dropped speaks like he slept through ALL his English study’s in school (but he didn’t graduate anyway so what) he has no job so he can hang out in front of the store
    Where you met, has no car that’s way he was so easy to bump into, he’s about to be homeless
    Because at 28 his parents decided it’s time for he to get out on his own. Now lady’s you know
    Taking this diamond home with you and polishing it up, now you’ve got yourself a MAN
    He’ll drop you off at work run all the gas out of your car (remember has no job) and only be 20
    Minutes late picking you up but when he does your girlfriends will say “she got her a man”

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