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Michael Sam’s acknowledgement of being a gay football player sparked a whole lot of controversy and a whole lot of criticism this week.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma said this:

“I think that he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted. I don’t want people to just naturally assume, like, ‘Oh, we’re all homophobic.’ That’s really not the case. Imagine if he’s the guy next to me and, you know, I get dressed, naked, taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me. “How am I supposed to respond?”

Here’s how you respond.

You put on your big boy towel and underwear and you go home just like millions of people do everyday when they undress, workout, shower and dress again in gyms all across the world.

The straight guys go home either alone or to their girlfriends or spouses. The gay guys go home alone or to their boyfriends or spouses. The world keeps spinning.

From everything I’ve read about Michael Sam, he’s a remarkable player and deserves to be drafted into the NFL. What’s more important is how well he can play football.

Whether the NFL picks him up is a different story, and the one everyone will be following closely. Who someone loves or what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business.

And let me clarify that because after hearing that I know people will say, well then there is no need for Michael Sam to make a declaration about his sexuality.

Wrong again.

By saying he’s gay is not a proclamation about what happens in his bedroom no more than a straight person wearing a wedding band or talking about his wife or children are proclamations of what happens in their bedroom.

So, don’t even try to use that homophobic argument about it not being necessary for anyone to come out.

If it wasn’t such a big deal, a number of rumored gay professional current and former athletes would have come out already. Some of them very high-profile.

Perhaps Jason Collins would have a job now in the NBA.

Perhaps in 2014 there would be more brave young men and women like Michael Sam who would already be open about their sexuality in professional sports.

And it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Michael Sam is not the only gay athlete in professional sports. He’s just the only one honest and brave enough to tell the truth in spite of the consequences.

For those of you listening to or reading my words, let me make it as plain as I possibly can so that you can understand.

If you’re fighting against gay people being out in sports or any profession, you’re fighting a losing battle; one that’s already been lost. If you’re fighting against same-sex marriage, you’re fighting a losing battle; one that’s already been lost.

Racists used the same arguments to fight the integration of the military and to fight against interracial marriage. Where did that get them?

The time has come.

It’s time for you to get over it!

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58 thoughts on “Don Lemon to Homophobes: ‘You’re Fighting a Losing Battle’

  1. Goddess on said:

    This comment is directed to Don Lemon exclusively. The only reason you feel as though people who do not support homosexuality need to, in your opinion “get over it” is because you are homosexual. Generally, people who want so much to be accepted will use any argument (such as your racism argument) to make a stand for your case.

    The time may have come for you to feel free from hiding in the closet because so much sin is now accepted but the time will come for you to face true facts behind homosexuality and ALL sin when you face your maker. I pray that God blesses you with truth of His word before you close your eyes and take your last breath. God’s word is truth. Hell is real!

  2. Joe Valdez on said:

    You are the one in the gutter you filthy third tamping Homo. Quit sticking your pekker in a filthy hole full of crap , and quit licking the crap of your Homo Boyfriends pekker. This un hygienic just ask any doctor, why the Fu…k do people wash their hands after taking a crap???? Do you peverts like having someone who stuck his finger in an A hole full of crap wipe in a hot dog bun and real decent God fearing Americans eating it with a hot dog ??? You ian11 in your filthy perverted mind pray for you and all your Homo friends. America is becoming a nation full of cowards that are allowing you perverts to run the country with your Pal Barrack Hussein Obama and hi pervert wife Michelle Obama who supports all your filthy despicable nasty habits. You all will burn in Hell , too bad there is no death penalty for you lowest common denominators in society. DIE WITH AIDS and suffer

    • Joe, for a man to be ‘straight’ you certainly know an awful lot about gay sex, makes me wonder about you and your straightness????????? I thin someone needs to look in the mirror and be honest with himself!!!! LOL!!!!

    • Joe Valdez on said:

      HAHAHA Good One “FALL On Your Knees???” So That You can poke Your Homo Friend in The Poo Poo Hole You Nasry Filthy Homo Go See a Shrink You Skunk. Go Away And Die With AIDS

      My Message To You , Lemon, The Home Football Player
      And all Queers world wide .

      • Aw, It must be really SAD to be stuck in that uneducated mind of yours! I can tell by your ranting that you’re far from being an educated person. Oh well have a nice life anyway!!!!

  3. the Timekeeper on said:

    If a gay guy slaps me on my butt ( great play! or not) there would be a problem. Im not being facicious but it does change the dynamic

    • What makes you think a gay man would want to slap you on your butt? Just because a man may be gay,doesn’t mean he automatically wants every man out there!!!!!!

      • the Timekeeper on said:

        You completely misinterpreted my comments, iam!!. But that is what I have come to expect from Gay Paranoia. I was merely commenting on a potential scenaro based on a previous comment I was responding too. I have no idea whether a gay person would want to slap me on the butt or not. Only that IF he did,it might warrant a different response than normal under those circumstances .

      • Just LIVE your life to the very best of your ability, an don’t worry about things that don’t concern you!!!!!

      • I said it. on said:

        Believe it , or not, it or not it is our business because we still have to raise our children around that depravity.

      • I said it. on said:

        What’s more important than raising and protecting my kids? What can a homosexual teach someone about being real when they spend 99 percent of their time walking, talking, dress, and looking like someone they are not.

      • the Timekeeper on said:

        From your vantage point, maybe not. Respectfuuly however other peoples lives are just as real as yours even if they have a difference of opinion. You obviously have strong feelings about this. And that’s great. People on the other side have just as strong feelings as yours. Their feelings are no less valid and REAL, as you put it. Although I agree with you that there was one particular comments that was totlly out of line. This matter will never be resolved over this blog so if you feel compelled to come back with another insult, knock yourself out ( if you feel that is necessary) However, nothing will ever change my particular opinion on this issue as respectful as I am to all people. Im certain you feel as strong as I do. We just dont think alike on this particular issue.

      • Joe Valdez on said:

        You dirty filthy Homo. Justify what is Gay (Happy) about sucking feces off erect penis like you homos do??? Do you expect intelligent people to tolerate this lewd behavior you mentally deranged filthy moron???? To Hell with that filthy dirty scumbag Don Lemon. What a nasty pig he is.

  4. joe gigly on said:

    Ask Don Lemon if he has ever hit on a straight guy. Also ask him if he thinks he has the right to hit on a straight guy. Football players have a practice of slapping each other on the butt as a means of congratulating one another for making a good play. What happens if this guy runs up and pats one of his team mates on the rear? If the guy turns around and punches him in the mouth what will the league do about it? There are guys that do not want a gay guy to touch them, so is he going to be able to claim that he was just being one of the guys, and how would you know that was the case? There are going to be a lot of problems concerning this.

  5. Don Lemmon is wrong… read your Bible and ask God to reveal His true meaning to you. I had written more than this But I guess Satan and his henchman are attacking my words to you guys. The word abomination is in the Bible because God wanted it there. Jesus died for all our sins and wants us all to repent and ask for forgiveness of those sins. He loves us all as we should love one another. Prayer is the beginning of redemption.

  6. There is some merit to the point that a Gay person in the locker room with others of the same sex may be attracted to someone in the locker room. I can remember years ago when the argument was going on whether or not female reporters should be allowed in locker rooms just like male reporters. I was doing sound for a video production and one of the female producers commented on how she was allowed in the locker room due to the changes that had been just made allowing females in the locker rooms. She goes on to describe how hot this Hall of Fame MLB player looked naked people can talk about professionalism all they want to. However we are sexual creatures and we all have attractions. I’m saved sanctified and Holy Ghost filled but I’d have a problem if I were in a professional setting as a video producer and Jessica Alba was there naked changing clothes. So far I have not been led to address the issues of Gay Marriage etc. etc. but I believe when I do it will be along this line

  7. common sense on said:

    Don should have stayed in the closet. He and his lbgt cohorts are trying to ram this gay shit up everyone ass. Im sick of it. We lose voting rights so these assholes can marry. Excuse me while I throw up. Don why dont you and this guy go back in the closet together and let the rest of us go on enjoying our lives without having to see you and some other man sodomize each other.

  8. agrees wholeheartedly with “The Lemon Man.” he made such a valid point. im in support of Michael Sam all the way. he aint the only one that’s gay in the NFL — there are a whole lot more in there living a lie like they’re all into women, when in fact they love men and are messing around with men on the low; after they’ve played a game on the field, and even taking secret trips out of the country together or taking trips right here within the country like they’re going to scout out women, but on the contrary, going to that hotel suite and bang each others back smooth the hell out. I personally have dealt with an NFL who is now retired, married with kids and now is a sports analyst and messing around still with one that’s still in the league to this very day that’s not married with kids, so i know what Im talking about and speaking on from experience regarding these NFL, so-called homophobic liars…but the thing of it is, i’ll never out neither of them, never, but just wanted to elaborate on how much of a coward these players or those players are that are afraid to come out the closet and admit to liking men instead of using these women for their cover-up and arm-candy. Michael Sam was just brave enough to come out and admit to the fact that he, indeed, love men, unlike them cowards, his peers, that want to continue to live with that falsified facade and lying to these dumb, shallow-minded, easy-to-brainwash women.

    • Joe giggly on said:

      fund raising: you made a lot of claims, but since you did not give any names, and basically just generalized, why should anyone believe you? Sounds like you are just a gay guy running his mouth without providing any evidence or proof of any kind. Are we supposed to accept your claims because you are gay? I do not believe a word of your post, and your claim that the NFL is teaming with gays.

      • I said it. on said:

        Most of them love attention and pushing their agenda. They can talk about EVERYONE, are quick to cry foul, are schemers, and don’t want anyone to have an opinion about anything concerning them. They say they no longer live alie once out of the closet, but will spend a fortune to pass, look, and dreas like the opposite sex.

  9. I cant call myself getting over this I m sorry no one is going to tell me that gay is right or whatever and to accept it not gonna happen my belirf is in the Bible yes I read and meditate daily and noone should be forced to accept it because they are fighting for it….being gay cannot be compared to geing black and what people of color faught for…being a black person is seen we don’t have to tell anyone were black…. tell me this when is this force feeding going to stop cause I continue to throw it back up every time

  10. Mirage Hughes on said:

    Why can’t it just be a fact rather than something that is celebrated as the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t think it is all that wonderful as people like Don Lemon are trying to make it.

  11. I really don’t agree with Don Lemon on much and this is no exception to that. For the most part I am okay with what he said here. The one thing that really irks me though…that I cannot let stand…..clearly Lemon is NOT a basketball fan because if he was……there is no way he would say, “Perhaps Jason Collins would have a job now in the NBA (if he had not come out of the closet)”. Uh, no he wouldn’t.

  12. joe Valdez on said:

    That Don Lemeon is a filthy Homosexual Pig who has his White Boyfriend penetrating him in his nasty pig anus . Hey Lemon our USA is going down fast real fast ! How do you justify penetrating an anus full on nasty infected feces with a penis???? This is against all hygene best practises .Why do we insist that we wash our hands after wiping our butt after taking a crap??? Yes you got it Hygene . Lemeon and all these nasty Queers belong in mental institutions.

  13. joe Valdez on said:

    This Sam is a nasty homo , and he wil not make in the NFL . This freak was planted to discredit African Americans . Why wasn’t it a White Player? Why??? Well my friends it is a well known fact that homo sexuality has only a 35% support in The Black and Latino communities and 85% among White Democrats , only 30 % in Republicans circles. Blacks are always sacrificial lambs . You are already hearing about that Black Homo Player , and not by accident a Black Home Basketball player revealed he is a queer . Doesn’t Michelle Obama have better things to do than tweet a support to all these freaks ???? How about taking care of the National Debt , unfair Black incarceration , Black on Black Murders , Jobs Jobs Jobs, well paying jobs . I am looking forward when Obama is out of office , what aterrible President .

  14. James R. on said:

    Most Jails will remove them to the proper section of Jail if they know. I recall sometimes ago, before we were that familiar with certain genders, we got a complaint at a convenient mart store, that a person were charging customers around the back of the store, as to whether she were a man or woman. Ultimately the person were placed in jail, the jailer thought he was a man, so she were placed in the male population in jail, until the jailers realized the person were having sex with many males. It turn out, the person had a partial operation to remove the penis, but the scrotum sac were still intact. It turned out the person wasn’t completely a female or male, so she could not be placed in the women’s jail, but rather had to be put in isolation lockup.

  15. Bottom line is that some people don’t, and never will understand homosexuals’ lifestyles, and there are those of us that don’t care one way, or the other bc it doesn’t directly affect us. For women that think they can change a man into liking women; that a losing battle. If lesbians like women…they like women, and if gay men like other gay men so be-eth. Why is the focus always on gay men? My take is bc a lot of men feel threatened by gay men. I think SOME men feel their masculinity is threatened when in the presence of a gay man. The question is WHY? If you are a strong straight male then you shouldn’t feel threatened. I could get into the religious aspect of homosexuality; but I won’t bc that’s a whole different enigma. For the record I’m not gay but I don’t believe in the whole god/religious thing. Way to many contradictions for me

    • Wildflower on said:

      I’m neither Team Gay or Team Straight, however I can see both sides. Sexuality is the whole reason we have separate restrooms. Do we now get rid of that as well because according to Don if a gay man and straight man is naked in front of the other they just simple go home to their perspective other. I also understand how the straight person could feel uncomfortable. I would if I knew that this person is attracted to vagina’s and it has nothing to do with “just because they are gay that doesn’t mean they want every straight person”, but again sexuality. News flash Don I bet a lot of people thought the battle against race would be won but it’s not just as this will never be a losing battle for some. You can’t force people to accept things they don’t want to accept so just move on with your lives.

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      No, straight men are not threatebned by the Gay lifestyle, you are worng about that. that sounds like somethingyou and a few women sat around and thunk up. Although I do agree with you about the religious thing. However, when Don Lemon says we are all in a losing battle it does require a christian response.

  16. This road he’s started is crazy. So, when we recognize him he’ll be known as “The Gay Football Player” PLEASE! If your game is tight who gives a darn what you do on your off-time! You know folks and the coming out are actually demanding acceptance, well theirs another way to look at this one “Accept Yourself, and give a ………… what anyone else thinks about your life” we all know we have one life too live, live it for you and not for others!

  17. Bottom line is this, “Who cares if you are a “gay football player.” If that’s your choice, then okay. Your life style and your choice. As humans we all have something that in the end, we are going to be accountable for. If you are a talented player is the focal point, not your sexuality. Are you wanted a badge of honor or a gold star.? When you score on the field, the annoucer is not going to say..” what an awesome play by gay player……!

  18. Southimage on said:

    I think the Jonathan Vilma had a very valid point, one which Mr. Lemon (who likes to provoke us to think) was too quick to dismiss as a homophobic remark.

    If you in fact want to THINK about it, why do we have gender seperated bathrooms at all? Mr. Lemon, the point is, it is always uncomfortable to be naked
    in front of anyone, more so when there is a propensity for that person to attracted you. The best answer is not, as was so eloquently stated “You put on your
    big boy towel and underwear and you go home just like millions of people do everyday when they undress, workout, shower and dress again in gyms all across
    the world”.

    I may be mistaken but what I think that statement implies, is that obviously not all gay men are attracted to the men in thier locker room, but even IF they were,
    get over it? If that’s your arguement, then I further argue we should all shower together regardless of sexual gender or orientation and we all get seen naked
    and go home and get over it. Maybe not the best solution for many obvious reasons. A man who says, it is uncomfortable for him to undress in front of another
    man, who may be sexually attracted to him, is no different from a woman who doesn’t want to be seen naked by a room full of men. I don’t that’s homophobic, I think
    it actually falls within the understanding of human nature.

    That being said, maybe we don’t dimiss his comment as a homophobic thought, but re-evaluate the current locker room conventions to account for sexual orientation

    • Southimage….you couldn’t have said it any better. I’m a Christian. I have my beliefs and it doesn’t make me homphobic. I also do not judge people for their choices. They have to answer for theirs sins as we do. We are all sinful. Don Lemon is definitely wrong in his commentary. I wonder why? Could he be bias. Don Lemon is very naive to think there will not be some uneasiness in the locker room. Anyway, I’m announcing that I’m straight/heterosexual been married for 19years. Let’s discuss that Don Lemon.

    • Tbone85 on said:

      Southimage, I was going to make the same comment this morning. Lemon’s analogy of a gym was absurd because none of them have unisex locker rooms. When’s the last time Lemon got undressed in a locker room full of women? And even if he did get off on that type of thing, that doesn’t mean that everyone else will as well. Lemon is only concerned with being sensitive to one set of sensibilities: his own.

      There are no doubt that there are uncomfortable things we have to all deal with. However to pretend that certain things should make no difference is sticking your head in the sand.

  19. its a heart issue on said:

    I honestly believe its all about an understanding for the most part… I get it religion says its wrong, there are a number of things that religion says are wrong however the religious rite look over those sins we they commit them and they want forgiveness and most continue on fighting the same battle with addiction that the rest of mankind, they just won’t admit it to us we are not a part of the circle of trust that most form in confidence to help them overcome their demons and thats ok. I am not sure…me being a man if I were attracted to men as I am attracted to women that I could be in a locker room with a bunch of people that I was basically physically attracted to and not be tempted in some way. I know it’s a struggle for me as a straight man but other maybe it’s not there demon. But who will know what ones demons are and how strong they are fighting those temptations if that is ur thing

  20. I think the real issue is can he play football? I think a real secure MAN will not be intimidated by playing football with a gay teammate.As long as you’re a productive player that’s all that matters!

    • joe Valdez on said:

      by productive you mean servicing fellow Homo Players??? How can anyone support Homosexual nasty acts of sticking penises in apile of feces , that is so filthy and nasty , and causes fatal deseases .
      Nasty Pigs

      • I see there is no talking to you about anything,your mind is so far in the gutter that it ‘s impossible to have a real conversation with the likes of you!!!!

  21. the Timekeeper on said:

    Why is it that anyone who diagres with the Gay Lifestyle is considered homophobic. The Gay community is becoming just as guilty as the people they claim used to attack them. I am not homophobic, clastophobic, or any other kind of phobia. Don Lemon simply likes to use that term so consider the source. I simplydo not agree with that lifestyle regardless of how mainstream it may become. As far as a losing battle goes, that remains to be seen. there is an old Negreo spiritual that reads “The enemymay win the battle, but God isoing to win the war.! Man can pass as many laws as he wishes and I am happy the days of the past are over when gay men used to get rdiculed, beat up, and could not get benefits, etc, etc. That having been said God will still hae the last say andyou can manipulate the Bible all you want to makeit’s meaing fit your lifestyle. That doesnt mean, its going to work out that way. A losingbattle??? We Shall See.

  22. I said it. on said:

    It’s for the exact same reasons that there are separate showers, BJ, but if anyone suggests so, they will be called homophobic. No one is afraid. We just don’t agree. I just wish that the cards would fall as they may and people stop pushing it like the next new best thing. Gays have always existed and are not as nouveau as they would like to believe.

  23. I don’t consider myself homophobic; I have my faith/beliefs and I stand by them. I do believe all people are created equal and deserve the same rights. I just believe a marriage/union is between a man and woman. Now does this mean I don’t believe homosexuals should be allowed to marry and live the same life/dreams as I….no way! I’m not God and I can’t judge them or anyone. I just choose to follow my faith on what defines a marriage. It’s my PERSONal beliefs. I was listening to the radio this morning to Don Lemon’s commentary about the guy that made the comment about the shower. If a player whose attracked to the same gender is in the same shower room as this gender isn’t it similar to having men and women in the same shower room. Isn’t this why we have seperate shower rooms for men and women. Now in no way am I saying have seperate bathrooms/showers for homosexuals. It was just a thought I had after listening. No hate intended behind this comment–I’d just like to hear your point a view for an understanding.

    • I completely agree with you. It was an honest reflection of how people feel and believe. I feel attacked by this gay racist attitude because the homosexual community really bash black people who are not in support of this marriage thing. Get married, I don’t even care and never have but I do care about what I believe. If you want respect, try giving it out. BTW, I NEVER heard the homosexual community make any statements about the gay pedophile priest that infiltrated to church to gain access to innocent children.Not a word from any gay person I know or I see in the media. They play this game of always being a victim and they hand out more criticisms of people I’ve ever seen (watch Fashion Queens)….just bash, bash, bash. If you believe what any homosexual tells you about being gay, they say they were born gay…so why would you become a priest if the church is so unloving and unkind to you? Hmmm…..any thoughts?

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