A 5-day-old baby boy was found alive outside of a Iowa gas station one day after he was kidnapped from his Wisconsin home and his aunt now faces life in prison, reports the New York Daily News.

Kristen Smith, 31, is accused of kidnapping her nephew Kayden Powell while his parents slept next to his crib.

The baby was discovered, unharmed, wrapped in blankets and stuffed inside of a duffle bag outside of the Iowa gas station one day after Smith was arrested at the same location.

Read more from the NY Daily News:

The baby’s mother, Brianna Marshall, 18, called police about 4:30 a.m. Thursday, when she noticed the little boy was missing from a bassinet in a room at the Town of Beloit, Wis., house where she and the newborn’s father were sleeping, authorities said.


Police reached Smith on her cell phone and she pulled over in the Iowa gas station, where she flagged down a passing cop car to allow her vehicle to be searched.

Officers found baby clothes in the car, a fake pregnancy belly and a stroller with her, but no signs of the missing newborn.


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